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On this page we feature players past and present, asking ex-players to recall some of their memories of the years they spent playing with the club. This we do in the section labelled The Alumni Tracker

We also take the opportunity to find out a little more about some of our current players, revealing their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests. We do this in the section labelled Focus On

Focus On

In this section we get to find out a little bit more about some of the players currently donning the green and white hoops of St Clarets GFC.

August 2019

August 26th 2019
Tadhg Lee

July 2019

July 26th 2019 Denis McCarthy

July 5th 2019 Stephen Curley

July 5th 2019 Paul Keenan

June 2019

June 27th 2019 Mikey Lavelle

June 20th 2019 Lawrence Weir

June 7th 2019 Ryan O Connell

May 2019

May 28th 2019 Conor Martin

May 21st 2019 Michael O Shea

May 16th 2019 Sean McDonnell

May 12th 2019 Daithi Colton

May 5th 2019 Sean Hill

August 2018

August 21st 2018 Ronan Gaughan

August 16th 2018 Liam Healy

July 2014

July 16th 2014 Niall Quinn

July 9th 2014 Sean Killeen

July 2nd 2014 Alfie McNulty

June 2014

June 23rd 2014 John O'Dowd

June 16th 2014 Patrick Lynott

June 9th 2014 Aidan Donaghy

June 2nd 2014 Liam O Keefe

May 2014

May 27th 2014 Conor Healy

May 20th 2014 Daniel O'Reilly

May 13th 2014 Luke Kelly

May 6th 2014 John Maguire

April 2014

April 29th 2014 Shane Buckely

April 22nd 2014 Matthew Healy

April 15th 2014 Gary Wynne

Tadhg Lee

Name: Tadhg Lee

Position within the club: Secretary, underage coach.

Length of time with the club: Seven years (hopefully they'll be no itch).

Why did you join the club: Had started a Gaelic football team at Douay Martyrs in 2011 and we booked a tour to Ireland for July 2012 to have the team play against club teams in Wicklow, ironically one of the clubs was Dunlavin, for which our late founder Denis McCarthy Snr had starred in his heyday.

With St Clarets players providing the spine of our school team, I contacted Colm Lynott and we had a number of challenge matches against Colm and Mick Buckley's team down in Kingshill Avenue in advance of the tour. We subsequently held a very successful fundraiser at the Botwell Club to help fund the tour and this was superbly supported by St Clarets.

John Kelly, who was chairman at the time, asked me if I'd consider getting involved with the club. I attended the club's dinner dance later that year and everyone I encountered appeared to get on with each other and all seemed like really genuine people who were involved in the club for the greater good.

So at the start of 2013, (following civilised phone calls with John Kelly and abrupt and threatening ones with an Ulsterman calling himself Big Dog), I came down to senior training and have been a devout Claretian ever since.

Home club:St Clarets

County you support: My parents' counties ‐ Dad (Killannin, Galway); Mum (Moycarkey-Borris, Tipperary).

Profession: Educator of confused and curious adolescents.

What's your favourite thing about the club? I love that we are a small, close-knit club with a clear identity and a defined heartland centred around Hayes and the surrounding areas of Hillingdon, which means that we have a genuine parish feel just like clubs in Ireland. As a London club, we are very rare in this regard.

I also think it's great that everyone knows everyone within the club and that we have one committee as opposed to separating the senior team from the youth section as other clubs do, this way we are fully united as a club.

I am passionate about the green and white hoops of the Clarets' as it's because of these that, more so than any other club in London, we are instantly recognisable to all proper football people in the county when they pull into Ruislip or Greenford and see us out on the field.

Martin Hession's brainchild to run a Youth Day during our 40th anniversary year was so well received that this has now become a permanent fixture on the club calendar, with the numbers and enjoyment growing on a yearly basis as we prepare for our 5th edition this October.

For the past couple of years it has also been a pleasure to attend county board meetings and to see us represented at the top table on the county committee with our own Colleen Lynott as county coaching officer and to observe the tireless work she gets through in that role. Uachtarán CLG John Horan is only trotting after Colleen.

Lastly, Paddy Donaghy, this thoroughbred, is keeping the club in wee pups to guarantee our long term survival, thanks Big Dog (and for all the gear for the seniors too).

Favourite food: Have you seen me? I'm not fussy when it comes to matters of the table, I'd like to think I successfully taught the importance of not being a fussy eater to Dudley during his four- years under my guidance during his formative adolescent years. It's a poor reflection on my fitness levels that Colm and Gerry Lynott are asked to grab the boots from the car before I'm asked to drop the blue folder and sub slips to enter the fray.

It was refreshing when Pat McLoughlin asked me to join in a drill during early season training back in February. Pat obviously didn't read the application pack for manager too clearly and he has now ceased trying to use me to even up the numbers at training.

Favourite drink: Disaronno and coke (providing there's Rennies at the ready straight after, chronic heartburn).

Best joke: What are the top seven moments in Irish sport?
(i) Stephen Roche wins Tour de France
(ii) Christy O'Connor’s 2 iron at The Belfry to retain the Ryder Cup for Europe.
(iii) Barry McGuigan wins world title at Loftis Road
(iv) Ireland defeat the All Blacks for the first time ever
(v) Ray Houghton’s goal vs Italy USA 94
(vi) Conor Martin scores an absolute worldy from the sideline vs Neasden Gaels in Montrose Park.
(vii) Keith O'Neill scores from his own half in McHale Park during an u16 game.

Best joke #2: That the goalie jersey of the new kit is yet to be worn as our goalie can't get into it without doing an impression of Hulk Hogan ripping his yellow top off when he gets into the ring.

Favourite memory within the club: The day that Keith injured the post in Ruislip, an unprovoked attack which cost us a goalie jersey, our female physio at the time ran in to attend the former Roscommon sprinter while in the dugout former player (from the correct side of the Roscommon border) Stephen Donoghue delivered the now legendary line ‘sure its pointless her running in, there’s nothing she can do for a bruised ego’. Sorry Keith but If you were in the dugout that day that’s a line that’ll never be forgotten. Even you’d have laughed through your cracked ribs and punctured lung.

But in all seriousness, the greatest day in my time with the club is unquestionably Saturday 14th November 2015. After a crushing championship final defeat a few weeks previous, we picked ourselves up to capture the division 3 league title by beating Garryowen (who had just won the intermediate championship) in atrocious conditions on the most awful day in Ruislip. That night we had a truly incredible 40th anniversary dinner dance at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood and with the league trophy won just hours earlier sitting alongside the McArdle cup won a few months precious, it provided the perfect backdrop for a remarkable evening when the entire club was in tremendous spirits and when we proved that we, as a modest club, could put on events to rival and surpass any of those put on by perhaps more celebrated and glamorous clubs.

Ideal date for the dinner dance:Following Steve Curley’s lead on this question I’ll offer two dates. The 4th Thursday in November when Americans celebrate thanksgiving, we’d have our very own thanksgiving for being Claretians, Hayes by birth, a Claret by the Grace of God.

Alternatively, October 24th, feast day of St Anthony Claret, from whom via Hayes parish, the Claretian order that serves it and the Botwell/St Clarets social club built by the Irish community, our club takes its name. Any other interpretation of this question could land me in some seriously hot water.

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Denis McCarthy

Denis McCarthy 2019

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Stephen Curley

Stephen Curley 2019

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Paul Keenan

Paul Keenan 2019

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Mikey Lavelle

Mikey Lavelle 2019

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Lawrence Weir

Lawrence Weir 2019

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Ryan O Connell

Ryan O Connell 2019

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Conor Martin

Conor Martin 2019

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Sean McDonnell

Sean McDonnell 2019

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Michael O Shea

Michael O Shea 2019

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Daithi Colton

Daithi Colton 2019

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Sean Hill

Sean Hill 2019

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Ronan Gaughan

Ronan Gaughan 2018 2018

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Liam Healy

Liam Healy 2018 2018

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Niall Quinn

Full name: Niall Quinn

Birthplace: Offaly

Height: 5:5 at a push

Weight: 80kg

Previous clubs: Ballycumber

Married: Nope

Children: No

Car: Don't have one

Occupation: Trying to be a bit of a site manager

School / college attended: Gallen Community School, GMIT Galway

Favourite GAA player: Sean Cavanagh

Favourite other sportsperson: Brian O Driscoll

Most memorable match played in: Minor Hurling final we won

Most memorable match watched: Man City winning Premier League

Biggest disappointment in sport: Not winning a minor football championship

Best country visited: America, Chicago

Favourite food: Bit of the auld ladies Shepard's Pie

Favourite drink: Guinness

Favourite soccer team: Man City

Miscellaneous likes: Going out.

Miscellaneous dislikes: Man United, early Sunday morning games

Pre-match superstitions: Don't have one turning up is enough

Favourite TV show: Friday night lights

Favourite actor / actress: Will Farrell

Favourite band / singer: Don't really have one favourite band

Favourite song: Thunder Struck

Biggest influence on career: The auld lad

Representative honours: Minor hurling, U21 Hurling, Junior B hurling and football championships, Division 1 and 3 league with Ballycumber

Sporting ambitions: To play to the age of 40

Personal ambitions: Succeed in life

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: Muhammed Ali just for being such a sporting legend. Mila Kuins bit of something to look at and Roy Keane just to have a good argument.

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Sean Killeen

Full name: Sean Luke Killeen

Birthplace: Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 80 kg

Previous clubs: Tir Chonaill Gaels

Married: No

Children: Not as far as I'm aware

Car: None. My girlfriend is fantastic for a lift however and a cheaper alternative to F1 racing.

Occupation: Concrete Restorer & Apprentice Bricklayer

School / college attended: Gunnersbury Catholic School & Sixth Form

Favourite GAA player: Alan Brogan

Favourite other sportsperson: Jonathan Sexton

Most memorable match played in: Beating St. Benedicts 33-10 in the quarter final of the Middlesex Cup with Gunnersbury 1st XV and scoring 13 points

Most memorable match watched: Dublin V Mayo All Ireland Final 2013

Biggest disappointment in sport: Losing the Middlesex Cup Final with Gunnersbury against Cardinal Vaughan in our last game for the school 1st XV

Best country visited: Argentina

Favourite food: Mum's lasagne

Favourite drink: Guinness (obviously from The Swan, Sudbury)

Favourite soccer team: Queen's Park Rangers FC

Miscellaneous likes: Rugby, running in the rain, going to the gym, Arctic Monkeys, mum's cooking, ska, Red rooms

Miscellaneous dislikes: Vodafone's hold music, Chelsea FC, London during rush hour

Pre-match superstitions: None

Favourite TV show: People Just Do Nothing

Favourite actor / actress: Ben Afleck

Favourite band / singer: The Specials

Favourite song: The Drop-Vanity

Biggest influence on career: No real influences on my career, however in terms of the decisions I make it would probably be my parents

Representative honours: Tir Chonaill Gaels U16 league winners, championship winners & All Britain winners

Sporting ambitions: To win a championship with St. Clarets, win promotion with Ealing Rugby Club in the coming season & help to build a successful future for Rugby at Gunnersbury Catholic School, after becoming a part of the coaching team for the coming season

Personal ambitions: Start a family business & earn enough money for my family to live comfortably

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: Jimmy Bullard ‐ without doubt one of the funniest characters in football Kate Beckinsale (in her Pearl Harbour nurse outfit) - dream woman; Narrator from Come Dine With Me ‐ the man would provide endless entertainment

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Alfie McNulty

Full name: Alfie McNulty

Birthplace: London

Height: 5ft 8

Weight: 65kg

Previous clubs: St Clarets and St Kiernans

Married: No

Kids: None

Car: None

School/college attended: Sixth form St Bernards Catholic Grammar

Favourite GAA player: Bernard Brogan

Favourite other sportsperson: Thierry Henry

Most memorable match played in: All Britain Final, I scored a hat-trick within 10 minutes.

Most memorable match watched: The recent FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Hull

Biggest disappointment in sport: Could just be the England football team, but is probably the Arsenal Champions League final of 2006.

Best country visited: Quite like the Greek islands, lovely and hot

Favourite food: Curry

Favourite drink: Magners

Favourite soccer team: Arsenal

Miscellaneous likes: Anything to do with sport

Miscellaneous dislikes: None really

Pre-match superstitions: None

Favourite TV show: 24

Favourite actor: Will Ferrel

Favourite band/musician: None

Favourite song: None

Biggest influence on your career: Probably a cross between my coaches; Colm Lynott, Mickey Buckley and Paul Caulfield.

Representative honours: U14 league, U14 championship, two U16 league, U16 championship, two U18 league, U18 championship, U16 All Britain winners, U18 All Britain winners.

Sporting ambitions: Just to carry on playing sport at a decent level

Personal ambitions: To do well in life

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why? Nigella Lawson as someone would be needed to cook the food as it's not my speciality, plus she's not bad for company; Will Ferrel as everything he does is funny; Thierry Henry as it would just be interesting to meet the man.

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John O'Dowd

Full name: John Paul Michael O'Dowd

Birthplace: Clonakilty, West Cork

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 12.5 st

Previous clubs: Clonakilty

Married: No

Children: No

Car: Currently a Corsa van, depends what work give me

Occupation: Civil Engineer

School / college attended: Clonakilty Community College, NUI Galway

Favourite GAA player: It was always Colin Corkery growing up. If he was in anything other than a Kerry jersey, it would have to be the Gooch today ‐ but I can't admit that.

Favourite other sportsperson: Roy Keane

Most memorable match played in: For all the wrong reasons ‐ Probably a Murphy Cup game against Cu Chulainns at the start of last season out in Goodmayes. It was the worst conditions I've ever played in ‐ snow and hail and bitterly cold, a brilliant advertisement for football. Needless to say we were hammered by them. I'd only played a couple of games ever at corner back and got the run around from a baldy lad who looked about 35. To be fair he was handy ‐ or maybe I was terrible. Either way, a demoralising day out.

Most memorable match watched: 2008 Munster Final ‐ Kerry 8 points up at half time but Counihan brought Michael Cussen on at half time and he destroyed them second half. Also, the All‐Ireland semi-final of 2010, Cork pipped Bernard Brogan by a point.

Biggest disappointment in sport: Haven't had many to be fair. Being on the wrong side of single point defeats twice last year in the championship was tough ' only a few kicks of the ball between the Intermediate knockouts and relegation to Junior, and only ourselves to blame.

Best country visited: Nepal

Favourite food: Probably Italian food or the mother's Sunday dinners. I’m a hoor for a sneaky Big Mac too.

Favourite drink: Guinness when it' good.

Favourite soccer team: Manchester United

Miscellaneous likes: Sleeping, FIFA, Deal or No Deal, slow corner forwards, cheese and onion sandwiches, Texas Hold'em.

Miscellaneous dislikes: Lads mouthing at their own teammates on the pitch, getting home from the Swan, London traffic, misplaced arrogance, Northern football, shin splints.

Pre-match superstitions: Make fun of Matt Healy ‐ Gives me a much needed confidence boost ahead of the game.

Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones

Favourite actor / actress: Leonardo DiCaprio & Sharon Stone

Favourite band / singer: Tool, Mick Flannery

Favourite song: 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)

Biggest influence on career: The mother, anything to keep her off my back!

Representative honours: Won a number of things underage but packed it in after minor for a few years. Won a Junior West Cork with Clonakilty but that's about the height of it as an adult.

Sporting ambitions: To return to playing in the forward line, like I had been up to minor ‐ sick of chasing a lad around the field for an hour. Also, to get back playing soccer for the home club Clonakilty AFC at some point ‐ it's difficult to find the time to play both sports competitively over here.

Personal ambitions: To stay happy and healthy for as long as I can and to travel the world at some point.

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?:
1. Tom Crean: To hear the tales of his expeditions.
2. Matt Healy's mother: Matt never shuts up about her dinners so I'd like to see what all the fuss is about.
3. Roy Keane: Greatest man alive.

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Patrick Lynott

Name: Patrick Joseph Lynott

Birthplace: Hammersmith

Birthdate: 27/01/1984

Height: 5 foot 7

Weight: 12 stone 2 pounds

Previous clubs: None

Married: No

Children: No

Car: Peugeot 206

Occupation: Gym Manager and Personal Trainer

School / college attended: St Bernard's Catholic School, High Wycombe. No college.

Favourite GAA player: Colm Cooper

Favourite other sportsperson: Cristiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer

Most memorable match played in: 2003 Tipperary Cup Final, absolutely lashing rain and mucky Ruislip pitch and won it with a goal in last couple of minutes.

Most memorable match watched: Mayo v Dublin All Ireland SFC Semi Final 2006. Mayo 7 points down 10 minutes into second half and came back to win.

Biggest disappointment in sport: Losing FA Youth Cup 5th round in 2002 on pens to Barnsley. The winner played in the Quarter Final against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Best country visited: Australia

Favourite food: Anything Karen cooks!!

Favourite drink: Milk/Fosters/Magners

Favourite soccer team: Manchester United

Miscellaneous likes: Supporting United and Mayo, playing soccer, holidays, going out with friends, helping people achieve results with my job.

Miscellaneous dislikes: Liverpool, Liverpool and Liverpool. Apart from that, ABUs, traffic, airport security, bad customer service, lazy people and Mayo losing All Ireland finals.

Pre-match superstitions: Always have my own specific warm up I do before training and games.

Favourite TV show: Love/Hate

Favourite band / singer: Kings of Leon

Favourite song: Rocky road to Dublin

Biggest influence on career: My Dad and my brothers

Representative honours: 2003 Tipperary Cup, 2004 Intermediate Championship

Sporting ambitions: For St Clarets to become competitive and successful again and a proper TEAM again, returning the team spirit and crazy gang mentality we used to have.

Personal ambitions: To soon set up my own Gym and exercise studio.

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why? Sir Alex Ferguson ‐ The questions I would have for him and the stories he could tell would be brilliant. Cristiano Ronaldo ' To get an insight into the dedication, sacrifice and determination it took him to become the best in the world. Roger Federer ' The same reasons as Ronaldo but from a different sporting background and perspective. Be great to sit down with 3 people who were and are the best at what they do.

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Aidan Donaghy

Full name: Aidan Patrick Donaghy AKA The King ‐ Not sure why people call me this but I have learned to deal with it.

Birthplace: Dungannon Co Tyrone.

Height: 5ft 10 inches I think

Weight: 80 kg

Previous clubs: Derrylaughan Kevin Barry's (Tyrone) Armagh (New York) and also the London Juniors.

Married: I was until about August last year until the wife decided she needed a 2-year sabbatical from me. Nine months in, it would appear she is regretting being away from such an amazingly inspirational individual. I believe that is the reason she keeps flying off to places like Miami and Cancun just to fill the void.

Children: I'll have to ask the wife

Car: Ford Fiesta, but the reactions I get you would think it is a Ferrari.

Occupation: Quantity Surveyor (Sometimes)

School/college attended: St Patrick's Academy Dungannon up to A-Level, Middlesex University Degree & College of Estate Management for Masters (current).

Favourite GAA player: Can I vote for myself?? Otherwise I think it has to be Mickey Linden from Co. Down

Favourite other sportsperson: mmmm Probably our wee Stevie G

Most memorable match played in: London Great Britain Championship Final 2005

Most memorable match watched: Has to be Dublin Tyrone All Ireland final 1995. Was Charlie Redmond really cheating? In Dublin ‐ probably not!!

Biggest disappointment in sport: Losing to St Peter's in the Great Britain Final in what can only be described as the worst penalty decision ever made. It was a very sad journey home until about half way, when everyone was pretty tanked up and the songs started.

Best country visited: India. Love the food plus it helps that the wife comes from there. They treat the white guy like a King (refer to first point) but that's only cause they know they are robbing you.

Favourite food: Love a bit of steak.

Favourite drink: Jack Daniels and Coke ‐ we have formed a special bond over the years, Manpreet had a tough time understanding this one but she finally came round.

Favourite soccer team: Liverpool ‐ Who else.

Miscellaneous likes: Pool, cycling, swimming, pumping the guns in the gym and expecting results immediately. Playstation the odd time. Being proved right (great feeling). Winning. Snowboarding and the odd night out in The Swan.

Miscellaneous dislikes: I think I hate the above items as much as I like them, also hate losing at anything. And for some reason, those little packets of silica gel in new boxes ‐ don't know why. Finally getting home and finding that Barry has not got the dinner ready again!!!

Pre-match superstitions: It's not really a game unless Barry Lynch is late ‐ so always pray for that. The day he comes early I think it's time to close up shop

Favourite TV show: NCIS

Favourite actor / actress: Liam Neeson

Favourite band / singer: Foo Fighters

Favourite song: One ‐ U2

Biggest influence on career: Football?? Probably the auld fella but work, not really sure, I think I nurtured my own genius there.

Representative honours: This goes back a while, so you will have to forgive the years. Tyrone Division 3 league winners 2000 (Derrylaughan). Derrylaughan Minor Player of the year 2001. Tipperary Cup winner 2003 (St Clarets). London Intermediate Championship Winner 2004 (St Clarets). Great Britain Winner 2005 (London Juniors)

Sporting ambitions: I think it may be a bit late to have any ambitions now

Personal ambitions: I think I would like to have my own island someday, not a big one mind just big enough. If that is not feasible then I would settle for a green card.

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: Now I would definitely have Homer Simpson because I would bet any money that he would be great craic. Nicole Sherzinger ‐ she is good to look at, but would need a muzzle cause that voice would go through you after a while. And finally Stephen Hawking, so that I could have someone close to my level of intellect to have a decent conversation.

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Liam O Keefe

Full name: Liam O Keeffe

Birthplace: Cork

Weight: 13st

Previous clubs: Boherbue

Married: Nope

Children: Nope

Car: Nope

Occupation: Construction

School / college attended: Boherbue Comprenshive School, C.I.T

Favourite GAA player: Anthony Lynch or Michael Shields

Favourite other sportsperson: Wayne Rooney

Most memorable match played in: Duhallow Junior 'A' final with my club Boherbue

Most memorable match watched: The All Ireland football final 2010

Biggest disappointment in sport: Losing Duhallow Junior 'A' final and losing a Minor final when up 9-points with 8 mintues left

Best country visited: Poland

Favourite food: Steak and chips

Favourite drink: Heineken

Favourite soccer team: Manchester United

Miscellaneous likes: Rugby, golf, hurling and drinking

Miscellaneous dislikes: Rain, losing matches when we should have won and hangovers

Pre-match superstitions: I always have to put my socks on my left leg first.

Favourite TV show: Match of the Day, The Inbetweeners.

Favourite actor: Denzel Washington

Favourite band: Kings of Leon, The Killers

Favourite song: Revelry

Biggest influence on career: My parents and my coaches at underage level

Representative honours: None, lost every final I've ever played in!

Personal ambitions: Win a Duhallow Championship with Boherbue, get St Clarets promoted this year, travel the world

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why? Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Ronan O Gara

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Conor Healy

Full name: Conor Healy

Birthplace: Hillingdon Hospital

Height: 6ft

Weight: 12st

Previous clubs: Tir Chonaill Gaels, Parnells

Married: No

Children: No

Car: Bus

Occupation: Pipefitter

School / college attended: The Douay Martyrs School

Favourite other sportsperson: Brian O'Driscoll

Most memorable match played in: Recently winning a cup final in soccer

Most memorable match watched: Ireland drawing 1-1 with England last year

Biggest disappointment in sport: Missing seasons through injury

Best country visited: Australia

Favourite food: Chinese

Favourite drink: Twisted, Jack Daniels & Coke

Favourite soccer team: Manchester United

Miscellaneous likes: Scoring, winning and partying

Miscellaneous dislikes: Losing, gumshields and hangovers

Pre-match superstitions: Look for the weak link in the opposition

Favourite TV show: Inbetweeners, Celebrity Juice

Favourite actor / actress: Gary Wynne

Favourite band / singer: Like a bit of everything

Favourite song: None

Biggest influence on career: My brother Matthew and Dad

Representative honours: League Cup winner in soccer 2014

Sporting ambitions: Win more trophies and help my teams move up in the leagues

Personal ambitions: Travel to different countries see a bit of the world

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: 1) Brian O'Driscoll because he was my inspiration when I played rugby. 2) Wayne Rooney ‐ to prove there is a difference between us two. 3) Adam Sandler ‐ seems like someone to have a laugh with.

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Daniel O'Reilly

Full name: Daniel O'Reilly

Birthplace: London

Height: 6ft 2"

Weight: 15st

Previous clubs: Lough Gowna, Co. Cavan

Married: No

Children: None

Car: Not any more ‐ got firm's van.

Occupation: Civil Engineer

School / college attended: Cnoc Mhuire Secondary School Granard Co.Longford & I.T Sligo, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

Favourite GAA player: Joe Canning

Favourite other sportsperson: Brian O Driscoll

Most memorable match played in: Leinster schools final.

Most memorable match watched: All Ireland Senior Hurling Final 2013

Biggest disappointment in sport: After landing the biggest fish ever (if you could only see how far my arms are outstretched) to find out I had only come second and worse still second to my little sister who was 14 at the time.

Best country visited: France

Favourite food: Roast Beef Dinners

Favourite drink: Heineken/Fosters in a big glass.

Favourite soccer team: What's soccer?

Miscellaneous likes: All Watersports, Motorsports, Beef Dinners, Beer, German Cars and Good Looking Women.

Miscellaneous dislikes: Cold calls, Photos, Tadhg Lee's jumpers,

Pre-match superstitions: None ‐ that I will admit to.

Favourite Film: The Guard

Favourite band / singer: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favourite song: Californication

Biggest influence on career: My Parents and Teachers

Representative honours: None ‐ (probably never got over that f****** fish)

Sporting ambitions: Play with the Clarets at Croke Park.

Personal ambitions: Looking into "time travel" ‐ a lot of wrongs could be put right and you guessed it I'm starting with a fish.

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why? John "never let the truth get in the way of a good lie " Collins. Isambard Kingdom Brunel ‐ what a name and he knew a thing or two about engineering as well. Brendan Gleeson ‐ He's in everything, and don't you know if I don't invite him I'll have his agent onto me.

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Luke Kelly

Full name: Luke

Birthplace: Can't remember that far back

Height: 6ft

Weight: 11st 7lbs

Previous clubs: None. Club legend.

Married: Hell no

Children: Don't think so

Car: Fleet of chauffeurs, otherwise known as bus drivers

Occupation: Future Commercial Director of Midgard (Trainee Quantity Surveyor for now)

School/college attended: St. Bernard's Catholic Grammar School, Slough

Favourite GAA player: Matthew Healy

Favourite other sportsperson: No-one really compares ‐Gianfranco Zola (past) and Frank Lampard (present)

Most memorable match played in: First Senior match. I was 15 and scored 1-1 against Moindearg coming on as a substitute

Most memorable match watched: 19th May 2012 ‐ Chelsea destroying Bayern Munich on penalties. Can add Didier Drogba to Favourite other sportsperson!

Biggest disappointment in sport: Relegation last season for The Clarets. Also losing 3 soccer cup finals in the past 2 seasons

Best country visited: New Zealand

Favourite food: Haribo

Favourite drink: D-VARB. Double Vodka and Red Bull

Favourite soccer team: CHELSEA FC!!!

Miscellaneous likes: Soccer, Playstation, sleeping, music, comedy and horror films, Mexican food, women, world peace, running, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Miscellaneous dislikes: Losing, onions, power cuts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mum's family telling me I look like John Collins, work (only joking Sherry!), being called Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, doing stuff

Pre-match superstitions: I always put both of my boots on and always one at a time

Favourite TV show: Match of the Day, Soccer Saturday, The Inbetweeners, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Favourite actor/actress: Johnny Depp/Megan Fox

Favourite band/singer: Kings of Leon/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Ed Sheeran/Cheryl Cole

Favourite song: Fur Elise ‐ Ludwig van Beethoven

Biggest influence on career: The old fella

Representative honours: Best Looking Player Award 2011, 2012 and 2013 (St. Clarets)

Sporting ambitions: Retaining my title for a fourth consecutive victory

Personal ambitions: To get a pink driving license; to be more ambitious

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: Dead people wouldn't be much company, so Ed Sheeran to listen to, Jose Mourinho to talk to and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to look at!

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John Maguire

Full name: John Anthony Maguire

Birthplace: Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

Height: 6ft

Weight: 11 stone

Previous clubs: Enniskillen Gaels and Derrygonnelly Harps

Married: Yes

Children: None

Car: No

Occupation: Teacher

School / college attended: St. Michael's College, Enniskillen, University of Sheffield, Queen's University, Belfast and York University

Favourite GAA player: Barry Owens

Favourite other sportsperson: Katie Taylor

Most memorable match watched: Fermanagh v Armagh, 2004 All Ireland Quarter Final: 0-12 to 0-11

Biggest disappointment in sport: Fermanagh v Armagh, 2008, Ulster Final: 1-11 to 2-8.

Best country visited: India

Favourite food: Bacon

Favourite drink: Dalwhinnie Single Malt

Favourite soccer team: Manchester United

Miscellaneous likes: Westerns, hiking, darts, motorbikes, museums, the card game 25, music, chess, scrabble and thriller films.

Miscellaneous dislikes: Rain, hip-hop and rap music, getting promotional phone calls when waiting on a different call, junk emails and letters, waiting for ages on "customer service helplines" and cruelty to animals.

Pre-match superstitions: None

Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad

Favourite actor / actress: Clint Eastwood

Favourite band / singer: Bob Dylan

Favourite song: I enjoy too many songs to pick one!

Biggest influence on career: My parents and teachers

Representative honours: None

Sporting ambitions: To further develop as a player

Personal ambitions: To encourage and help others in my personal life and in my work and of to continue to enjoy life!

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: Elvis Presley (no need for a jukebox with Elvis keeping everybody entertained), William Shakespeare (firstly, he could explain if he really did write all the plays on his own and reveal the mysteries and inspirations behind his plays) and Rene Redzepi, the Head Chef of Noma, a restaurant in Norway that has won the "Best Restaurant in the World" award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, to make sure the meal is decent!

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Shane Buckley

Full name: Shane Buckley

Birthplace: London

Height: 6ft

Weight: 74kg

Previous clubs: None

Married: No

Children: No

Car: Toyota Yaris

Occupation: Labourer

School / college attended: St Paul's Catholic College

Favourite GAA player: Graham Canty

Favourite other sportsperson: Alan Shearer

Most memorable match played in: U16 Conrad Ryan Cup final we were 2-points down with five minutes left and won by 5.

Most memorable match watched: The All Ireland hurling final last year ‐ the first drawn game

Biggest disappointment in sport: Losing the U16 Championship when we shouldn't have.

Best city visited: Dublin

Favourite food: Mashed potatoes

Favourite drink: Milk

Favourite soccer team: Newcastle Utd

Miscellaneous likes: None

Miscellaneous dislikes: None

Pre-match superstitions: I bounce the ball 3 times before I take a free ‐ that's about it.

Favourite TV show: Two And A Half Men

Favourite actor / actress: Adam Sandler

Favourite band / singer: Nathan Carter

Favourite song: Wake Me Up

Biggest influence on career: My father (Mick) and Colm Lynott

Representative honours: U16 Championship, 2 U16 Leagues, 1 Conrad Ryan Cup, 1 U16 All Britain Championship, U16 All Britain County Championship, 2 Minor Championships, 2 Minor Leagues and an All Britain Championship with London.

Sporting ambitions: Win a third Minor Championship with St Clarets.

Personal ambitions: To pass my driving test.

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why?: Adam Sandler, Alex Ferguson and Alan Shearer.

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Matthew Healy

Full name: Matthew Joseph Healy

Birthplace: Hillingdon Hospital

Height: 6 ft

Weight: A lean 14st

Previous clubs: Tir Chonaill Gaels, Parnells (underage clubs)

Married: No

Children: No

Car: Oyster Card / Bicycle

Favourite GAA player: The young good looking blonde woman who plays for the Tara camogie team.

Favourite other sportsperson: Cian Healy

Most memorable match played in: Great Britain Minor Hurling Final with Kilburn Gaels.

Most memorable match watched: Leinster Football Final 2003, Laois v Kildare. 2013 All-Ireland Hurling Final, the drawn game between Cork and Clare Biggest disappointment in sport: Relegation last year.

Best country visited: Japan

Favourite food: Mum's dinners

Favourite drink: Magners

Favourite soccer team: Hayes

Miscellaneous likes: Sleeping, cider, good food, winning

Miscellaneous dislikes: Gumshields, referees, seeing Donegal win.

Pre-match superstitions: Trying to remember my gumshield.

Favourite TV show: 8 Out Of 10 Cats

Favourite actor / actress: Will Ferrel / Jennifer Aniston

Favourite band / singer: Christy Moore

Representative honours: London hurling minor & U21 South Ulster U17 winners

Sporting ambitions: Win championships!

Personal ambitions: Eventually go travelling and see a bit of the world.

Three famous people (living or dead) you'd have around for dinner and why? 1) Noel Gallagher, seems like he'd be interesting to talk to and he'd have a few good stories to tell. 2) Kelly Brook, wouldn't mind treating her to dinner. 3) Mick O'Dwyer, Laois manager when they won the Leinster Championship.

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Gary Wynne

Full name: Gary Martin Wynne

Birthplace: Whitechapel, London

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 16st

Married: No, but living with Sophie and looking to buy a house next year.

Children: No

Car: Ford Focus

Previous clubs: Corlough (my dad' s home team, which for most people is the norm to play for, but living in London and moving back to Ireland 30 mins drive away, was a great honour to play with them and did so until U16), Teemore Shamrocks (minor), as well as a couple games for St. Joes and Thomas McCurtains when I first moved over.

Favourite GAA player: Barry Owens, Fermanagh's full back

Favourite other sportsperson: Bruce Lee

Most memorable match played in: Winning the Minor Championship with Teemore Shamrocks.

Most memorable match watched: London v Fermanagh 2011 Championship, London beating Fermanagh in Ruislip.

Biggest disappointment in sport: Not continuing in Martial Arts when went to University and competing in the adult competitions, as I was undefeated in Ulster for 7 years in Youth Wudo Ryo Karate.

Best country visited: America

Favourite food: Italian

Favourite drink: On a night out, it starts off with Guinness then ends with Brandy and Coke

Favourite soccer team: Arsenal

Miscellaneous likes: Eating, doing the splits when out dancing, Gigs/Festivals, FIFA / Playstation, movie buff, technology / computing, dogs.

Miscellaneous dislikes: Sushi, scary movies, cats, losing, ripping trousers from doing the splits,

Pre-match superstitions: Pumping music driving to the game, also do stretches I used to do at Karate as part of my warm up.

Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad

Favourite actor / actress: Denzel Wasington

Favourite band / singer: AC/DC

Biggest influence on career: In both personal and sporting career, my dad, Eugene Wynne.

Representative honours: Minor Championship with Teemore Shamrocks.

Sporting ambitions: Winning finals with the Clarets.

Personal ambitions: Keep working up the ladder in my career, just been promoted to manage the commercial function for Laing O'Rourke Facade Cladding Company, managing 3-6 projects; and also to buy a place of our own with Sophie and to keep enjoying life.

Three famous people (living or dead) you' d have around for dinner and why?: (Does Johnny Mac qualify as being famous, because he is certainly a celeb around the Wynne household). (i)Thierry Henry, even with the handball as an Arsenal fan, he is my favourite ever player. (ii) Slash (Guns n Toses), he's a complete legend and would keep the party going until the early morning. (iii) Bill Murray, one of the funniest people on Twitter and in his interviews, would be a night full of stories and jokes with him.

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The Alumni Tracker

In this section we track down some former Claretians and find out what they have been up to since they last donned the green and white hoops of St Clarets GFC.

April 2014

April 2nd 2014
Paul Myers

March 2014

March 26th 2014 Kevin Gilmartin

September 2013

September 25th 2013 John Collins

September 18th 2013 Paddy McGurk

September 11th 2013 Kevin Platt

September 4th 2013 Seamus Coppinger

August 2013

August 27th 2013 Daniel Falvey

August 20th 2013 Colin Keane

August 13th 2013 Richard Burke

August 6th 2013 Oliver Walsh

July 2013

July 31st 2013 Kevin O'Shea

July 15th 2013 David Moore

July 8th 2013 Adrian Adair

July 1st 2013 John Heaney

June 2013

June 26th 2013 Donncha Ryder

June 19th 2013 Martin Falvey

June 12th 2013 Dermot Wallace

June 5th 2013 Barry Wallace

May 2013

May 30th 2013 Kieran Kelly

May 23rd 2013 John Bradley

May 16th 2013 Colm McGurk

May 9th 2013 Dan Sheehan

May 2nd 2013 Mickey McConomy

April 2013

April 25th 2013 Brian Tansey

April 18th 2013 Joe McKeown

April 11th 2013 Paddy Quinn

April 6th 2013 Brendan Walsh

April 1st 2013 Gerry Daly

March 2013

March 25th 2013 Alec MacIndoe

March 18th 2013 Danny Murphy

March11th 2013 Brendan Boyle

March 4th 2013 Erik Kinlon

February 2013

February 24th 2013 Kevin Lynott

Paul Myers

Paul Myers St Clarets GFC

Paul Myers served the St Clarets senior team for 25 consecutive seasons after making his debut at the tail-end of 1989.

Without doubt the most gifted goalkeeper ever to play for the club, Paul won three Intermediate Championships in his time as a player and was also awarded the London Footballer of the Year in 2003.

His decision to finally retire midway through the 2013 season left a hole that will be very difficult to fill in the future.

When did you join St Clarets?
I can't remember the exact start date, only that I was dragged into a car for a game some 20 odd years ago and I just went with the flow.

When did you leave?
I retired ten years ago, but continued on turning up and playing for the next ten.

Reasons for leaving?
(Paul didn't answer this question, so maybe it's his way of letting Steve Sherry know that he is still available if needed!)

Fondest memory?
Winning the Intermediate Championship (twice), and all the banter and craic in the changing room.

Best player you played with?
The best player were Tony Murphy, Martin Hession as well as Gerry and Colm Lynott. They were always dependable and reliable.

Biggest disappointment?
My biggest disappointment came after having received special permission to return from Ireland prior to my wedding day for a championship match, which we lost by a point.!!!

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I was never approached or purchased by any other club, the fee St Clarets were looking for was obviously too high.

Where are you now?
I'm living in Hillingdon.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
I'm still involved with the club. My sons Michael and Aaron are now playing for the youth side. I feel it is now time to hand over the fun to the younger ones.

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Kevin Gilmartin

Kevin Gilmartin St Clarets GFC

Kevin "Gilly" Gilmartin is a real St Clarets blue-blood, having played on the first team ever fielded by the club in the mid-1970s. By the time St Clarets finally lifted their first major piece of silverware in 1989, Gilly was still in the thick of the action, playing midfield during their maiden Intermediate Championship success.

A hugely talented sportsman, Gilly won admirers throughout London GAA, not just for his ability on the field but also for his exceptional sportsmanship, regardless of the opposition.

Kevin Gilmartin is a true legend of the club.

When did you join St Clarets?
I was in the first ever underage team back in the mid-70s and also played in the Claret's first ever senior game. This occurred when it was decided to enter a team in the London Senior B&I Sevens in the late '70s. We were all about 16 or 17 years old and a few of us had just started playing senior as youngsters with the St Brendans. A strange day then developed as we had to play against the Brendans in the group stages, at Brookside pitch off Yeading Lane. Somehow we were ahead going into the last minute which would have knocked them out. But they scored last kick to win the game, win the group and progress over to Ruislip to participate in the finals. Paddy Corscadden who was player/managing the Brendans persuaded me, Den McCarthy and John Flanagan to then play for them and we got through to the final against the Kingdom ‐ who were at the time the reigning All-Ireland 7s champions ‐ we proceeded to beat them which didn't go down too well. As the objections were being raised on the pitch (somebody swore he'd seen the young fellas with the English accents playing earlier for someone else down at Brookside) we had to jump over the back fence and hide away in the fields whilst the fists started on the pitch. An interesting senior debut.

When did you leave?
I haven't left ‐ I've just been having a sabbatical for the last 12 years or so. I'm back in pre-season training now and just waiting for the call-up from John Kelly for this season.

Reasons for leaving?
I decided to take my sabbatical when Rolly was asked to go in goal ahead of me down at Ruislip one evening.

Fondest memory?
So many. On a playing note it was probably winning the London U-21 championship or the London Intermediate championship. However the satisfaction of winning on tour was always special, especially as we would have been up all night (of course), and would be dismissed by the opposition beforehand (Magheracloone in Monaghan, who were a top senior club at the time, comes to mind, from the early 1980s).
From the non-playing side there really are too many. I was privileged to play with so many fellas who were great friends. But probably the most enduring memory remains of the typical Sunday of playing a match, getting to the Golden Cross pub to play pool and then about 10 o'clock heading with 25 others for Botwell to disrupt the bingo, have the late drink and talk nonsense about the earlier game.

Best player you played with?
Some incredible players with whom it was a privilege to play. Early memories of playing as a young lad with St Brendans players like Iggy Donnelly and Mick McGovern (who was playing off-season from his usual job of being a professional soccer player for QPR); with a few great players for London in the '80s (John McPartland comes to mind). Then there were the Ulster boys who played a couple of seasons for the Clarets under false names (players like Henry Downey, a student sleeping on my floor in 1990 and then captaining Derry to All-Ireland glory in 1993; his 2 best mates, brothers Colm and Paddy McGurk, who used their skills honed by their time at St Clarets to go on and win All-Ireland Club championships with Lavey, and of course inspirational Clarets captain "Mean" John Heaney.
However for real "Clarets men" I'd look no further than John Kelly and Martin Hessian, who arrived in Hayes as raw young lads from the West of Ireland, conversing only in Connemara Gaelic. I took them under my wing, taught them a few things and then turned them into the legends they later became. Dennis McCarthy, Tony Murphy and Colm Lynott would probably make up my top 5 ‐ true club stalwarts with great skill, application and desire.
Apologies to the many many others whom I could equally have mentioned.

Biggest disappointment?
Not having a camera when Dennis McCarthy Senior, Jim Regan, Brendan Curran, Jack Carolan, Rolly and Red Faced Mick were explaining to the Garda why they were doing a conga down Carrickmacross High Street at 3.00 in the morning.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Played for Clann Na Gael in Sydney in 1983 for half a season, (and we won the senior championship that year). I also spend every summer in Portmagee in Kerry where my wife Maureen's family are all from, so I'd be dragged out on a few occasions over the years for Skellig Rangers B team, when they were short of players (very very short). Poor standard of football over there though ‐ I doubt the county will ever win anything.

Where are you now?

What are you doing?
Principal of a sixth-form college in Hammersmith.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Following the Clarets results in the Irish Post and via John Collins online is about as good as it gets unfortunately.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I've lost touch with all the talented, good-looking lads that I used to play with ‐ but I still see Eamonn O Shea, Mark Mellotte and Dave Rowe.

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John Collins

John Collins St Clarets GFC

Goalkeeper John Collins played for St Clarets between 1985 and 1990 and was part of the club's first Intermediate Champiosnhip winning team in 1989. Having spent six years with the Clarets, he then switched allegiance and joined local rivals St Brendans, for whom he played until 2001. John also represented London at all levels and is now back with St Clarets as the club's PRO.

When did you join St. Clarets?
I joined the club in June 1985. My dad knew Jim O'Regan's prior to the rest of the family moving to London and Jim had me signed up for the club before I had even landed in Hayes. Jim spoke so passionately about St Clarets that dad was convinced they were THE top club in London. The first night I went training there were two other players there; John and Denis McCarthy (so much for being the top club in London!). Denis snr did more running than any of us that evening, trying to stop the ball going into the stream behind the goals. My first game for the club was the following week against Garryowen.

When did you leave?
My last game for St Clarets was in November 1990 in the John Joe Menehan Cup against St Brendans ‐ the club I was about to join.

Reason for leaving?
It's often said that people leave clubs for football reasons and that was very much the case with me and St Clarets. 1990 was a difficult year for the club, having gone senior for the first time after winning the Intermediate Championship the year before.
By the second half of the year we were often struggling to field teams, and with Paul Myers coming through from minor, often I was asked to play outfield so that Paul could play in goal. The feeling was that I could "do a job" on the pitch, although anyone who ever watched me play would know only too well that that was not the case at all.
Meanwhile, Paul was an out-and-out goalkeeper who had played very little GAA up to that point, so of the two of us, I was the obvious one to stick in at corner forward. I couldn't see this pattern changing any time in the future and I only ever considered myself as a goalkeeper, so I decided to seek pastures new in 1991 and joined St Brendans.
I wasn't all that popular for making the decision, but I think it worked out quite well for everyone, as Paul went on to play for St Clarets for the next 23 years and became one of the all time greats of the club, while I went on to continue to play in my preferred position for both St Brendans and London for the next ten years. It was a win-win.
And let's be honest, Paul was a better 'keeper.

Fondest memory?
My fondest memories would have to be of the way in which Denis McCarthy opened up so many doors for me over those first few years in London. He helped to get me on to the London minor team in 1986 and from the success we had that year, we travelled to New York in 1987 for what was an amazing experience.
He was also central to me getting the opportunity to run out in Croke Park as a sub for the London juniors in 1988. On top of that, he had me playing for the London under-21 team when I was just 16, so he had a great deal of faith in me.
Most significantly though, even after I had left the club and joined St Brendans, he still showed an interest in me and the night I was selected to make my Senior Championship debut for London in 1994, he was one of the first to come up to me, congratulate me and wish me well.
I've no idea how Denis felt about my decision to leave St Clarets, but I do know that the night I called him to let him know I was moving on was a very difficult night for me. I did feel that I was letting him down somewhat, but he said he understood and wished me luck. I can remember calling his house and asking to speak to him and hearing him coming whistling to the phone in his usual happy manner and I was on my end thinking: "Shit how am I going to tell this man I'm leaving?"
The feeling of having let him down never went away and the older and wiser I became, the more aware I became of just what a great man Denis was and just how good he had been to me.
Sadly, all too often, we need to grow older to realise certain things; and 21 isn't a great age for being insightful.
Even after I had finished playing and started writing for a living, he would come up to me and comment on things I'd written about.
I have never forgotten what Denis had done for me in my early days in London.

Best player you played with?
There are a few very obvious candidates. Kevin Gilmartin was such a natural born leader both on and off the pitch. He seldom had a bad game and he was always a point of reference in the middle of the field. Many times too he was also the voice of reason in the half-time huddle as everyone tried to have their say. But more than that, he had great time for some of the younger players; it was probably the teacher in him.
I can vividly remember one wet evening down at Kingshill Ave when I was about 18, when there was just the two of us down there; we were kicking about and he was telling me all the time that I could become the London 'keeper because of my attitude and my commitment to my sport. For a young lad, these were awfully important words and it created a huge impression. Twenty-six years later I still remember that conversation.

John Heaney was a total hero for me. I just loved his no-nonsense way of going about the business of playing football. He was the sort of guy who'd leave you with hairs standing on the back of your neck after a team talk. A great bloke and a man I have always felt the club owe a huge debt to.

Paul Treanor was just one of those guys that I loved to see on the team. He was a safe pair of hands and a cool head. As long as Paul was about the place, I always thought we'd be alright in any game.

However, the best player I played with for St Clarets was without doubt Tim Downey, who sadly didn't play much after minor level but was head and shoulders the most naturally gifted defender I ever played with.
Tim had something very special about him. We played minor for London together and won a British Championship and then faced New York in the All Ireland series in Parnell Park, Dublin in 1986. I always thought we were a decent pairing at full back and goalkeeper.
Tim had three key assets in his locker: the timing of his jump was impeccable; he had incredible balance; and he could read a game as well as anyone I every played with. Regrettably, what Tim lacked was a passion for and a commitment to the sport and I think that was a huge loss to St Clarets.

Biggest disappointment?
Two things I guess. Being injured at the start of the Intermediate campaign in 1989 and not really being able to play a full part in the journey. Kevin Lynott deputised very capably in my absence and undoubtedly his overall contribution to the success was far greater than mine.
Also, the fact that St Clarets weren't able to kick-on in 1990 when we finally achieved senior status. We played probably the finest Tir Chonaill Gaels side ever in a league match in Hayes one wet evening in May and only lost by 3-points, so there was quality there. The hunger however wasn't there among the players to prove everyone wrong week in and week out. That was something that the club would find a few years later.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Where to start! The first game of football I ever played was for St Michaels in Donegal. After that I played for Castlederg and Dregish in Tyrone, St Clarets and St Brendans in London, Kilmaine in Mayo, Marist Rangers in Auckland, Parnells in Chicago and Padraig Pearse in Melbourne.
On top of that, I helped out with Hillingdon Gaels along with Brendan Sherry when the likes of Gerry Lynott, Dermot Wallace, Steven Sherry and Colin Keane were starting out.
Later as a coach I worked with Neasden Gaels in London, Greenwood in Perth, the Western Australia State team, St Brigids ladies in Chicago, McCartans ladies in Tyrone, Strawberry Hill University ladies in London and finally Madrid Harps in Spain.
I also had almost 20 years of involvement with various London teams as both a player and trainer.
It's probably fair to say that I've been around a bit!

Where are you now?
I'm currently living in Malaga in the south of Spain along with my wife Bridget.

What are you doing?
We're taking a sabbatical from just about everything at present, although I still do some freelance writing work for various papers and websites. Back to reality shortly though ‐ whatever that looks like!

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
I'm the PRO for St Clarets and also look after the club's website ‐ I'm probably the longest distance PRO in the GAA I'd imagine.
Some believe I'm also responsible for that weekly scandalous rag they call The Claretian Echo, but that's just not true!

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Well family ties mean that John and Luke Kelly are constantly on the radar and of course through the PRO stuff I'm in contact with many people in the club on a regular basis.
This Alumni Tracker feature that we started at the beginning of the year has been fantastic for getting in touch with ex-players all over the globe and finding out what they are up to now. So my St Clarets links are pretty strong these days.

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Paddy McGurk

Paddy McGurk St Clarets GFC

Paddy McGurk was one of three McGurk brothers from Lavey to appear for the club in 1989, joining brothers Colm and Kieran.

An exceptional and tenacious defender, Paddy went on to win an All Ireland Senior Club title with his native parish two years after leaving St Clarets.

Ever the competitior, Paddy continued to represent his club in both codes until he was well into his thirties.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined St. Clarets in 1988 along with my brother Colm. I was doing a PGCE in King's College London and Colm was doing a year's work experience for his Architecture course. I think I met Gilly (Kevin Gilmartin) in a bar one night (no suprises there!!) and he talked me into playing for the Clarets.

When did you leave?
I left to go home in the summer of 1989 as my course had ended and to look for a job at home. Unfortunately this meant I missed the championship final after having played in all the previous games. Fortunately Colm brought home my medal for me and I still have it to this day. I returned in October and got a temporary teaching post but went back home again in the summer of 1990.

Reasons for leaving?
Got a one year's teaching post in a school in Derry.

Fondest memory?
There were many when one looks back. The craic and camaraderie was top class. However the main one ironically occurred several years after I had left. We had played for Lavey against Tir Chonaill Gaels in the All Ireland club quarter-final in December 1992 in Ruislip and won after a fairly tempestuous battle. That night we were due to fly home from Heathrow. Our Parish Priest from Lavey unfortunately mistook 19:00 as meaning 9 o'clock and thus missed his flight home. All the later flights home were booked up by mad Lavey people, so our PP had no way home.
Of course our Colm being the gent he is, offered his flight to him as he "knew London well", so me being a kind hearted brother agreed to stay with him to keep him company. What happened next??? The great Denis McCarthy drove half way across London to pick us up at Heathrow without even a thought and drove us to the Clarets club in Hayes (us well drunk too). Then John Heaney put us up for the night, which was good even for a Dungiven man! It fairly typified what the Clarets club and people were all about.

Best player you played with?
Has to be John Heaney, a hard buck and also for the above and Gilly as he put myself and Henry Downey up on his floor for five weeks until we found a place of our own!!! Again it wouldn't have happened anywhere else.

Biggest disappointment?
Not having seen anyone since, though I would sincerely hope there will be a function next year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1989 team.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Yes, I played away for my club Lavey in both football and hurling until I was 35. The undoubted highlight was winning the All Ireland Club title in 1991, although I enjoyed the hurling too.

What are you doing now?
I now live in Kilrea in South Derry and am married to a local girl Sharon. We have two children, Niamh just turned one and Maria who will be 5 on Christmas Day. I am Head of Maths in St. Paul's College Kilrea, the local secondary school, which is only two miles away. It's quare and handy being so close when you've a hangover on a Monday morning.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
I still go to see my own club Lavey which is only six miles from where I live. Unfortunately my wife drags me off to watch Kilrea on occasions also. She thinks the two girls are going to be playing camogie for Kilrea as opposed to Lavey, so we'll have to see how good they are first! I am manager of the U-14 and U-16 hurling teams in school as well as helping with the Year 8 football team, which keeps me busy enough.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
None until John Collins tracked me down to do this. I have since got in contact with Gilly via e-mail and it was great to hear from him. I will also keep in touch with John as I am going to see if he knows anything about a cheap villa for 10 people in Calella Spain as I am thinking of going there next year!! (he doesn't know this yet). However it would be great to hear from some of the others from that great year. Again it would be great if there was something next year at the club's dinner dance to mark the 25th anniversary. Myself and Colm would definitely head over for the weekend for the pints and the craic.

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Kevin Platt

Kevin Platt St Clarets GFC

Kevin Platt was among the first wave of young London born players to come through the St Clarets youth rank.

A member of the 1982 Intermediate Championship final team, Kevin was a versatile player, appearing in goal, in defence and in attack at various times during the decade he played with the club.

His final appearances were as a keeper in the early 1990s.

When did you join St Clarets?
I was around 18 or 19 at the time, so I guess just before WWII broke out; no seriously around 1980‐81.

When did you leave?
Not 100% sure but I played for about 7 or 8 years.

Reasons for leaving?
Can't honestly remember probably something trivial like my Ashton's nightclub membership running out or to give my liver a rest.

Fondest memory?
The famous Carrickmacross tours; it was like Vietnam, some people went and some people didn't come back. Also scoring 44 goals in my first season (not bad for a goalie!) and being selected for London.

Best player you played with?
That's a tough one; there was so many, there was a lot of us that played together at school and also soccer for Hillingdon Irish, so we played a lot of football together. John Carey stands out because even at the age of 25, with a full grown beard, he could play any age from minor to intermediate. No seriously, I would say Jon Flanagan, Kevin Gilmartin, Tommy Quigley, John Carney and of course Dennis McCarthy, just to name a few.

Biggest disappointment?
Being dropped for an important semi-final after scoring two goals in the quarter-final.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?

Where are you now?
I live in Ireland but commute to England for work.

What are you doing?
I'm a consultant Project Manager for a company based in London.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
No, I still play a bit of 5-a-side (slowly) and I coach an under 16s football team.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
John Carney, Jon Flanagan, Pat Sheridan, Kev O Shea, Kev Callinan, Tommy Quigley, John Crehan, Dennis McCarthy, Brendan Collins and of course the one and only Danny (Boom Boom) Collins.

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Seamus Coppinger

Seamus Coppinger St Clarets GFC

Cork man Seamus Coppinger was a regular member of the senior panel for almost six years, having joined the club from the then recently disbanded St Marys.

A dedicated first team member throughout his time with us, he was also responsible for helping to recruit several other senior team players over his time with St Clarets.

When did you join St Clarets?
My first season with the St Clarets was 2005. I played with St Marys the season before, until I met Pat Lynott who roped me in.

When did you leave?
I left the St Claret in 2010.

Reasons for leaving?
To give the younger lads coming through a chance!!!

Fondest memory?
Beating KKG in their first league match as Senior County Champions! My first game too! Win, lose or draw, the craic was always brilliant in the Adam & Eve (especially on a Saturday night). At round 10.30pm a convoy of taxi would take us to the legendry Red Back or to Diceys Reilly's. The Red Back in our day was equivalent to the Galtymore in the old days.

Best player you played with?
Has to be Graham Canty!!!! For the St Clarets; not for his skill and agility, but for the moral and great atmosphere he brought to the team, it's the one and only John McDermott aka Johnny Mac. Any young person who joined the team Mac always made a huge effort to get them involved.

Biggest disappointment?
Not beating KKG more often.

Where you involved with any other GAA clubs?
My home club is St Colum's (home to Cork's midfielder Alan O'Connor), St Marys when I moved to London in 2004, and then the St Clarets.

Where are you now?
Still in Uxbridge.

What are you doing?
Surveyor with Masterson Holdings.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I bump into Gerry McMorrow and Gary Wynne for the odd this for a few pints.

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Daniel Falvey

Daniel Falvey St Clarets GFC

Daniel Falvey was one of five Valentia men who played for St Clarets towards the end of the noughties.

A brother of long-serving Martin, Daniel stayed with the club for two years before heading off to pastures new.

However, despite the brevity of his stay, Daniel still had enough time to get a fair handle on some of the characters in the club.

When did you join St Clarets?
I moved to London in June 2008 and that was when I joined St Clarets.

When did you leave?
Towards the end of 2010.

Reasons for leaving?
I decided to go see was the grass greener on the other side, so I headed home to Ireland for a brief spell before travelling to Australia.

Fondest memory?
Honestly, when I look back my whole experience with St Clarets is a found memory, the club, the people and the banter.

Best player you played with?
This is hard as I played with a great bunch of lads, so they should all get a mention but I suppose I have to mention one and so the award goes to the lightning fast Barry Lynch, who was always the first to training and the last to leave!

Biggest disappointment?
Paddy Donaghy, all talk and no action is how I remember him.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Valentia Young Islanders back in Kerry, Clan Na Gael for a very brief spell in Sydney and the odd divisional teams and college teams.

Where are you now?
I am currently residing in Sydney in an eastern suburb called Coogee.

What are you doing?
Working as an engineer on the ANZAC bridge in Sydney.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
No sadly I haven't been playing GAA for a while now, briefly played when I first landed in Australia, but laziness and my social life has got in the way.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Obviously I still see the Valentia crew from time to time but sadly I am not the best at keeping in contact with people, so contact with past/present players has been limited to mostly Facebook messages, but I still keep an eye on Facebook and on the St Clarets website to see how the St Clarets are getting on.

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Colin Keane

Colin Keane St Clarets GFC

Colin Keane has been part of the furniture at St Clarets for almost 30-years, and that is in no way a reference to the speed that he moved at in his heyday.

A hugely talented and very versatile player, he burst on to the senior team in the late 1980s while still a teenager, but unfortunately his run was cut short by an injury during the Championship year.

Sadly for both Colin and St Clarets, that was to prove to the story of his football career, with each long haul back to fitness being interrupted by another injury.

These days Colin can often be found on the sidelines at St Clarets matches trying to grab that one illusive photo of brother-in-law Paddy Donaghy actually doing something other than giving out!

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined through force in the 1970s.

When did you leave?
I can't leave, it's a passion.

Fondest memory?
First football trip to Cavan as a 12-year old playing under 14 and winning in Breffini Park. Also winning the Championship in 1989. It was a great day.

Best player you played with?
I'd have to say Martin Hession, John Kelly, Gerry Lynott and Paul Myers. Gerry and I had a great time growing up with football and we both became first team players around the same time. It was a sort of coming of age before our time for both of us.

Biggest disappointment?
Getting injured and missing the 1989 Final. Also, not using my football-fit body to attract more beautiful girls in my prime!

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I played for Sarsfields in Brisbane along with Kevin Lynott. It was probably the best football I played as a player. I also played for Dublin in New York but injured my cruciate there and that forced me to retire back to London.

Where are you now?
I live in Ickenham and I still go down to Ruislip every week to watch my brother-in-law (the very quiet Paddy Donaghy) try to field a high ball.

What are you doing?
Trying to get men to do good work, week in week out. Still a chippy at heart though.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Yes I have recently been informed by John Kelly that I am now the club's official photographer and he will ring me each week to tell elm to bring my camera instead of my boots.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I still see most of the old players at social functions and things like that. Of the old team mates the furthest away would be Adrian Adair who now lives in Australia. He still talks complete rubbish, but that's what makes good mates.

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Richard Burke

Richard Burke St Clarets GFC

Richard Burke was part of the second wave of talented young players to be produced by St Clarets and was part of the same generation as Colm Lynott.

"Tricky" as he was popularly known, was a very effective wing forward who excelled at youth level and even landed a Feile title with St Clarets in 1984 in Cavan.

He did progress on to the senior team in his late teens but gave up GAA to concentrate on soccer thereafter.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined St. Clarets in 1979 at the age of 10. At that time I was good friends with Tim Downey and I had tagged along with he and his dad to the fields and began training with the team.

When did you leave?
I played with St. Clarets for 8 years.

Reasons for leaving?
I started playing men's football on Saturdays and Sundays and that along with work took up most of my time.

Fondest memory?
I have held on to many fond memories growing up in the St. Clarets club. Listed below are a few of those:
(i)Our outstanding community spirit.
(ii)Training at Brookside on a Friday night at the age of ten and being out run by Denis McCarthy.
(iii)Travelling across London in Big Kevin Lynott's van with all 15 boys jammed in the back.
(iv)Playing in the All Ireland Under14 Championship in Cavan. We were representing London and went on to win the Championship.

Best player you played with?
I was fortunate during my time with St. Clarets to play with many great players: Jim Gannon, Eamon McElihenny, Colm Lynott, Gerry Lynott and Mick Bodley. One player that stands out in my memory is Tim Downey. Tim was a natural born Gaelic player and one of the best fullbacks to wear the Clarets jersey.

Biggest disappointment?
My biggest disappointment is that I didn't continue playing in my senior years.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
St. Clarets was the only club I was involved with. I continued to play football with Hillingdon Irish for many years until I moved to America and now play in a league here.

Where are you now?
On a visit over to see Kevin Lynott in NYC on Saint Patrick's Day 2000 I met my wife Kelly. I have been living in Upstate New York for ten years now with my wife Kelly and two beautiful daughters, Siobhan age 9 and Nola age 5.

What are you doing?
I have been with SimplexGrinnell for 10 years. They are part of the TYCO International Corporation. I spend much of my free time now coaching my daughter's soccer teams and enjoying time with my family and friends.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
There are no GAA clubs near where I currently live, however I do still keep a close eye on Galway.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I still see Kevin Lynott as he is in New Jersey only about 2 hours from us.

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Oliver Walsh

Oliver Walsh St Clarets GFC

As well as the obvious connection between the 1982 and 1989 Intermediate Championship Finals for St Clarets involving the London born players who played in both games, there was also one other constant in the St Clarets teamsheet and that was that there was always a Walsh from Kilmaine, Co Mayo in the side.

In 1982 it was Brendan, while in 1989 it was his younger brother Oliver, who starred at wing forward throughout the Championship success, his one and only year with the club.

During his time in London, Oliver also went on to represent the London Under 21 team and won a Provincial medal with them after beating Lancashire in the final.

When did you join St. Clarets?
I joined St Clarets around about 1989.

When did you leave
I left in 1990.

Reason for leaving?
The promise of work back home?

Fondest memory?
The Championship run in 1989 and the friendship shown by squad with Denis McCarthy Senior and Junior when I first moved to London (Junior was my boss in 89) and of course John Marron always collected me for training up in Heston. It's not true what they say about Cavan people, then there was the odd pint in the Adam and Eve after the matches, with John Collins chauffeuring me around London's attractions. I was also fortunate enough to win two All-Ireland Junior titles with Mayo in 95 & 97 beating London in '95 and Denis McCarthy's Kingdom in '97.

Best player you played with?
I would have to go back to my own Kilmaine GAA Club and say Joe McGrath (All-Star in '79. There was also a great bunch of lads on that '89 team.

Biggest disappointment?
No disappointments in London but our own Kilmaine GAA club lost 5 County Titles in the 90s and noughties, played in them all but could not turn the tide.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Just the two clubs, Kilmaine GAA and St Clarets GAA.

Where are you now?
I have been living in Kilmaine since my return and married to my Hilary with our two children, Emma 8 years and Dylan 6.

What are you doing?
I am QS with the main utility company called ESB since 1991.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Yes, I am the present Manager of Kilmaine's Intermediate & U21 teams and also coach the U8 & U10s to look out for our own two.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
The only one I have really seen is my brother Brendan who gave me all the contact details in the St Clarets GAA Club on my initial move to London, I have to say it was good advice.

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Kevin O'Shea

Kevin O Shea St Clarets GFC

Kevin O'Shea was one of the original young guns to come through the ranks of the St Clarets youth team after the formation of the club in the early 1970s.

The son of one of the founding members, Kerry man Mick, Kevin progressed through the youth ranks to become a regular member of the senior team for a number of years.

Now, the third generation of O'Sheas is beginning to strut his stuff in the green and white hoops, with Kevin's son Michael turning out for the Under 12s this year.

When did you join St Clarets?
My dad's involvement with St Clarets along with Denis McCarthy and others led to me being amongst the first group of London born players to play Gaelic Football at Minor level. So our first run out at Brookside would of been around 1973 I would guess.

When did you leave?
Around 1984 and looking back I wished I had continued for a while longer, however the lure of the nightspots of North London made it more difficult to be able to perform at anything like a decent level on a Sunday, so I chose the lazy way out.

Fondest memory?
There are so many I could write pages so I will just add a few. From the very early days:
(i)Why did all those men stand round a telegraph pole in Brookside listening to a radio?
(ii)How did Dennis McCarthy senior whistle that loudly?
(iii)My Dad explaining the difference between English & Irish time in relation to kick offs.
(iv)Lads take your points, as yet another goal attempt was blocked.
(v)There's plenty of room out there boy - you all know who!
(vi)The trips to Carrickmacross and the fantastic craic - the making of many a man.
(vii)The legendary video and commentary of one of those matches, now sadly lost, a classic.
(viii)Driving to New Eltham, how many can we get into a car.
(ix)Winning the 1978 Championship in Ruislip and my small contribution.
(x)However my overriding memory is one of friendship and camaraderie built up over those years and the many friends I made through our association with St Clarets, many of whom I remain in contact with today.

Best player you played with?
There were so many in our teams who all had very different skills and talents to me and who contribution to the team was far greater than mine, I am going to say Mark Mellett, who even though he was a little older than me (sorry Mark), epitomised the desire to give of your best and whose attitude and play I always admired.

Biggest disappointment?
I should have kept playing.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
None, unless you count the odd trip to Croke Park to see Kerry play and occasional visits to Ruislip for games.

Where are you now?
I live in Ickenham with my two children, Geraldine, 16 and Michael 12.

What are you doing?
I work for Lloyds Banking Group as an Area Manager in and around Berkshire. The bonuses have yet to get to the level where I can call it a day!!

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Unless you count meeting Denis and Martin in the pub occasionally, then up to recently no. However my son plays Gaelic Football at secondary school and made his debut for St Clarets Under 12s a few weeks ago. A proud moment for his dad and granddad, who came to watch as well. Unlike his dad he is tall, can catch and play a bit. Martin has him running around in midfield and he enjoys the game a great deal ... I frequently tell him he is twice the player I was at his age.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
As I said previously, we started to play at a time when London born players were just setting out playing Gaelic football and with the high numbers of Irish families in and around Hayes, those friendships made have lasted a long time. Although most of us have now moved from Hayes, I still see John Carney, Kevin Pratt, Danny Collins, Jim Mulligan & Paul Murphy frequently. Kevin Callinan, Dave Clarke and John Flanagan I see occasionally, as well as Dennis at training where I keep a watching brief only.

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Dan Keating

Dan Keating St Clarets GFC

Cork man Dan Keating was a regular and reliable member of the St Clarets full back line throughout most of the 2000s.

A strong and imposing figure in defence, he stepped into the breech of full back after Dermot Wallace was forced to quit, and remained in and around the last line of defence throughout his time with the club, switching from the corner to the centre as needs dictated.

When did you join St Clarets?
In 2002 when I was introduced by fellow Drimoleague man Gerard Daly.

When did you leave?
Around about 2008. I had a gradual exit over the space of a few years.

Reasons for leaving?
Suffering from back trouble, the result of carrying the team for so long!

Fondest memory?
Too many, but to mention a few - the great feeling of camaraderie every time you would put on the jersey knowing there was 14 others on the field that were willing to die for you. The banter with the lads, and of course, the few pints down A&E after the match for the post-mortem. (We're not sure here whether Dan means pints of porter in the Adam & Eve or pints of blood in Accident & Emergency. Dan was a regular visitor to both).

Best player you played with?
Each one brought their own sparkle to the team, and for me playing in the full back line there was little room for error, believe me when I say "I made plenty", always safe in the knowledge that Paul Myers would pull off another spectacular dive and save the day.

Biggest disappointment?
Losing the 2002 Senior Championship final, not so much for myself in my first year with the club but for the team who had worked so hard to get there only to leave it all behind on the day.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I learnt my trade in a great little club back in my home town of Drimoleague, West Cork called Clann na nGael.

Where are you now?
Still living in Uxbridge and currently working in Papua New Guinea.

What are you doing?
Construction Manager for Kentz.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
None at all ...would safely say I have not attended more than a handful of games in the last 5 years.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Paddy Donaghy and John McDermott are two good mates of mine to this day. I also tend to bump into a few of the other veterans from time to time at social gatherings and the odd function.

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David Moore

David Moore St Clarets GFC

One of the most accomplished graduates from the St Clarets youth system in the late 1980s and early 1990s David showed tremendous promise as he progressed towards senior level.

Now living in Tipperary, the small ball is the focus of David's sporting passions, as well as his love of running.

David also volunteers with the Lough Derg lifeboat.

When did you join St Clarets?
I think I joined in or around 1982. I used to live about a 10 minute walk across the fields from Kingshill Avenue. I think teaching the under age back then was old Kevin Lynott and Brendan Curran. The memories from back then are absolutely great and comical.
Anytime we had a match, Brendan would crawl around the streets of Hayes, Yeading Lane, Central Avenue, Coldharbour Lane. We were generally short of players and if any of the lads in the van recognised a school friend along the road who could kick a ball they were told to tell their mum they would be back later. The back doors of the old Kyle Stewart van would open and in would jump Brendan's latest recruit. I think Big Jack used Brendan's methods of recruitment later on. You didn't necessarily need Irish roots, who can remember the Italian wizard of dribble Michele Martucci!!!

When did you leave?
I left the first time in 1985. Brendan Sherry was starting a team at the new club, Hillingdon Irish. He poached a lot of the underage players in my age group at the time. We had a great team there, and Brendan had us playing really, really good football.

Reasons for leaving?
Unfortunately both times I left it was because we didn't have the numbers in my age group to field a team. Obviously Brendan Sherry was a big reason too. He is one of the best around. No matter where you were, he always came over for a chat about football and always had great praise for you. Without doubt he made you feel good, and he is a pure gentleman. I came back to play minor, however, but when the older lads like Colin Keane, Barry Wallace and Gerry Lynott moved on, we were back to not having enough players in our age group, so then it was off to St. Brendans.

Fondest memory?
I have to say driving around the streets in Brendan Curran's van collecting waifs and strays was comedy, some of the characters we picked up were pure entertainment but Brendan didn't care so long as he had 15 out in jerseys. Riding shotgun was Kevin and Jim with his Liverpool bag full of apples, oranges and bananas, lemon and orange squash. In the back was Roly with the team. What a backroom staff.
However with the Clarets my only medal was winning a London minor club in 1989. That was the best team I played with in my time. Thinking back it was Paul Myers in goal, Mark McGrath, myself, Adrian Adair, Colin Keane, Dermot Wallace, Gerry Lynott, Barry Wallace, Steven Sherry, Damien Heaney, James Forde and Charlie McGrath. I can't think of who else played in that team, but would love to know.

Best player you played with?
Some of those I mentioned above are some of the best that went on to play with the senior team. Probably Gerry was the best at that time in under age. He was solid in midfield.

Biggest disappointment?
Would have to be not being a regular player with the senior team. Being in the crowd for the senior final and seeing Steven lead the team around, I was no doubt delighted but sorry too.

Where you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I played with Hillingdon Irish for two years with the likes of Steven Sherry and Dermot Wallace. When the club withdrew a team, Billy Galvin from St Brendans came and asked me to play with them. I would guess it was the old Brendan Sherry connection working again. Another gentleman, Billy got together a bunch of players from around Hayes and Yeading who didn't have enough players for their respective clubs. He kept us all interested and kept the flag flying for Gaelic football in my age group for many years. I probably played my best football there and was lucky enough to win a Provincial U21 with London and a Senior B with the Brendans.

Where are you now?
At the moment I am living halfway between Puckane and Nenagh, as Christy Moore sings, in the parish of Kildangan, Tipperary. It's all hurling here, a few of the clubs come together to put out a football team, not bad either as they won a county two years ago, but couldn't go any further in Munster as they were a combination team.

What are you doing?
I moved over here 8 years ago when building work was good, but that soon came to an end. Now I work for North Tipp County Council. Hopefully when the Clarets start hurling I can be the chief scout over here. Needless to say any footballers I come across, they will only be going to the green and white hoops. Other than that I have started running marathons to try and stay a small bit fit.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Not really, although both my children, Eoin and Aoibheann hurl for Kildangan.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I still speak with my cousin Johnny Mc, he keeps me in Clarets casual wear and the latest kit, as you can see from the photo. Whenever I am over, usually for a wedding, I see Dermot Wallace.

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Adrian Adair

Adrian Adair St Clarets GFC

Adrian Adair was among a crop of exceptional youth players who progressed onto the St Clarets senior panels around about 1989 and 1990, which included the likes of Paul Myers, Gerry Lynott and Colin Keane.

Having had an excellent few years through Under-16 and Under-18, Adrian was selected for both the London minor and Under-21 teams. His progress was curtailed though by his decision to move to Australia.

Still though, in his short spell with the senior team he did manage to win himself an Intermediate Championship medal in 1989 as well as Provincial honours with London.

When did you join St. Clarets?
I joined St Clarets around about 1986 or 1987.

When did you leave?
I left in 1991.

Reason for leaving?
A few of us travelled to Oz and I never really got back into it after that. I ended up moving back to Australia after my travels.

Fondest memory?
Well those nice itchy, hot tops were always something to look forward to, and the craic we all used to have were the best times as I am sure all the lads I played with back then would agree.

Best player you played with?
The best players were all the team. We had some great times both on and off the park.

Biggest disappointment?
Biggest disappointment would be that I should have kept playing.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
No. No GAA involvement but played a few footie games.

Where are you now?
I have been working in Outback mining for some time and I am now back in town, living in Melbourne.

What are you doing?
I am still a sparky.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
AFL games is as close as I get to GAA now but I just watch now.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
The only one I have really seen since I moved to Oz is Colin Keane, and I have spoke with some of the lad when they have been on the juice around Christmas time.

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John Heaney

 John Heaney St Clarets GFC

Undoubtedly one of the most influential players every to play for St Clarets, Derry man John Heaney was a leading figure in the club for several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

A regular Championship winner back in his native Derry, Heaney brought a natural‐born‐winner's attitude to St Clarets, and this approach was crucial in helping to create the team which lifted the Intermediate Championship in 1989.

Although not available that year for the club, his influence was undeniable and as the club undertook their first year in senior football, John was back in the fold.

When did you join St. Clarets?
I joined in 1987‐1988 and played Championship with my native club Dungiven in 1989. Then I rejoined St. Clarets from 1990-1994.

When did you leave?
I left in September 1994.

Reason for leaving?
I moved back to Ireland.

Fondest memory?
Without doubt it was Kevin Gilmartin's (Gilly's) wedding!

Best player you played with?
Too many to single out one.

Biggest disappointment?
Drawing a first round Championship game with St. Brendans in 1992 and losing the replay.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Yes, St. Cancies Dungiven and Kevin Lynch's Hurling Club Dungiven.

Where are you now?
I am living in Laurencetown, a village outside Ballinasloe in Co. Galway.

What are you doing?
I'm still working as a carpenter.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
No I don't, but my daughter Ciara plays camogie with Kiltormer Camogie Club.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Not many but I would like to catch‐up with them.

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Donncha Ryder

 Donncha Ryder St Clarets GFC

A real club legend and a man who served St Clarets all the way from youth level through to senior, as well as at committee level too. Over his seventeen-year association with the club, Galway man Donncha collected just about every t-shirt available.

A reliable corner back, Donncha captained the club for several seasons and always led by example.

Always popular within the club, he left a considerable gap in the team and the changing room when he finally decided the hang up the boots five or six years ago.

When did you join St Clarets?
Fresh off the plane from Galway in 1990, I went to mass at Botwell with Seamus Grady "THE TAILOR", who then took me to the training ground and a week later I was playing in a Minors county final. Not a bad start. Played in at corner back over the next 15 years and enjoyed the highs and lows of the club's history.

When did you leave?
Still got the boots but haven't been used roughly since 2007, which coincides with when our first daughter Alannah was born.

Reasons for leaving?
Living out in Pinkneys Green, Berks it got too hard to juggle family, work and training commitments.

Fondest memory?
Lots! It was a great club and team. Things that stand out:
1. Playing St Brendans in Ruislip in 1992 in the county final. Although we were beaten it was probably the peak of St Clarets performances in my 17 years playing time.
2. The honour of being team captain.
3. Those February dark nights of training doing "John Heaney sprints" in the snow (yes snow!) in Kingshill Ave, before going to work a 12 hour night shift at the airport!
4. The many great social events at Welcome Inn, Currans, Adam & Eve and Botwell Club.

Best player you played with?
A great bunch of lads in the team over the years but for me two players stand out - Martin Hession and John Kelly. The Galway breeding (obviously) and the ability to read the game and their fellow players was second to none. They were true team players.

Biggest disappointment?
Getting a write up in the Irish World paper which headlined "Grey matters". Whilst very complimentary of St Clarets senior players (Martin Hession, Tony Murphy and myself), it brought a realization that age was catching up and our playing careers might be coming to a close!

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Only back in Ireland where I played under age with my home club Dunmore McHales, (a club of strong football heritage) and a short stint with Galway Minors before I left for the UK.

Where are you now?
Living in Pinkneys Green with my wife Karen and our two daughters Alannah (6) and Emiliana (3). Being kept very busy and living in a house full of pink!

What are you doing?
Still working at British Airways 23 years later, enjoying the staff travel perks. Involved in local St Edmund Campion parish and a Governer at the primary school.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Only reading The Preacherman which is a great idea, brilliantly written and well received.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
None, not great at keeping in touch. Sorry!! Feel free to get it touch - always happy to reminisce from a bar stool!

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Martin Falvey

 Martin Falvey St Clarets GFC

Proud Valentia man Martin Falvey was the first of five players from that club to play for St Clarets in recent years.

A key member of the team through the club's successful pursuit of honours in the early part of the last decade, Martin is still displaying his twinkle-toes on the playing fields in Melbourne.

When did you join St Clarets?
My first season with St Clarets was in 2003. I was 22 years of age and just moved to London. After arriving in Hayes I was introduced to Brendan Sherry who brought me down to play in Greenford.

When did you leave?
I left St. Clarets in 2010 and went travelling with Noreen to Australia.

Reasons for leaving?
I planned on going to Australia for a year of travel and work and now three years later we are still here. I have settled in Melbourne where work is good and the craic isn't bad either.

Fondest memory?
My fondest memory with St. Clarets is probably winning the Tipperary Cup in my first season, which I think is the only senior cup they have won to date.

Best player you played with?
I have played with some great players over the years but the ones that stick out would be Mossey (Eamonn) Colleran for his unrelenting effort put into the club. I can't remember him missing a training session since he started.
Veteran Tony Murphy was also a great player who like a fine wine improved with age. Martin Hession, even though I caught him in the latter stage of his career, was always a gentleman with only encouraging words on and off the pitch. A pleasure to play with.

Biggest disappointment?
My biggest disappointment was losing the British Championship in Birmingham. This was a game that I felt was robbed off us and I'm sure others would agree. It was a long bus ride back to London. We had a great bunch of players over the years but I feel we never reached our full potential as a team.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Growing up in Valentia, Co. Kerry I played for Valentia GAA with my four brothers for 20 years before moving to London. I had a brief stint back with them in-between playing for St. Clarets and won a championship in 2005 in our Centurial year.
During my time with St. Clarets I was lucky enough to play with the London Junior team with fellow team mates John Baff, Barry Lynch, Mossey and my brother Daniel.

Where are you now?
I have settled in St. Kilda, Melbourne and have got a visa for the next three years. Life is good out here so who knows how long we'll end up staying.

What are you doing?
I am still working as a carpenter and the weather out here beats London hands down.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Myself and Noreen have joined a GAA club here in Melbourne called Garryowen. There is a large number of Irish in Melbourne now and the GAA over here is expanding. It makes a change playing in the sunshine for most of the season.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I met some of my best friends through playing with St. Clarets as well as playing with boys from home such as Danny Sheehan, Baff and Barry. I keep in contact with most of the lads I played with even from Oz mostly through Facebook. My affiliation with the Lynott family, through Noreen now means I could be stuck with them for life or till I get sense!!

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Dermot Wallace

 Dermot Wallace St Clarets GFC

Dermot Wallace was quite literally the rock upon which the St Clarets team of the late 1990s and early 200s was built. A phenomenal full back, Dermot had shown great promise throughout his under-age career, and like so many who took that same route with St Clarets, Dermot went on to fulfil the promise he had shown.

Sadly injury cut short his football career in his prime and denied the club the services of one of the best players ever to appear in the green and white.

Dermot now works in the medical supplies industry, which is of course very appropriate for a man who dished out as many bruises as he did through his playing career!

When did you join St Clarets?
I think it was probably 1982 or 1983 when I was about 10. I used to tag along making up the numbers for the St Clarets team my brother Barry and the likes of Gerry Lynott and Colin Keane were playing for. They must have been under-12 I guess.

When did you leave?
My last official game for the Clarets was the 2002 Senior Championship Final.

Reasons for leaving?
Unfortunately shortly after the 2002 Championship final I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle badly playing rugby down the road at Ruislip RFC. After 10 days in hospital and several operations, the management team reluctantly agreed to accept my retirement! A sad day for Clarets football, but one celebrated by referees and fans of free flowing football all over London.

Fondest memory?
Loads of great memories but a couple spring mind:
Mickey McConomy brought a smile to my face with his recent post when he reminded me of the warm welcome I gave him to his first training session with the Clarets. Funny, but he never let me get that close to him again during his time in London.
In the changing room before one of the 2002 Senior Championship games, Mattie Maher the referee came in to talk to us about how he was going to referee the game and was finished up his talk with: "The one thing I am not going to stand for today is persistent fouling. Now I am not going to single out anybody in particular - but Dermot Wallace, if I see you carry on fouling today as usual you will be going to the line". A proud day in my Clarets career, to receive that sort of individual recognition from one of the county's top officials.
On the field it had to be the 1999 Intermediate Championship win and reaching the 2002 Senior Championship final.

Best player you played with?
Over the years I have had the pleasure of playing with some great footballers in the Clarets jersey. The likes of Tony Murphy, Colm Lynott, Martin Hession and Mickey McConomy would stand out but if I were to pick single out one person it would have to be Paul Myers. I think he won us more games over more years than anybody else.

Biggest disappointment?
The 2002 Senior Championship final is probably the biggest disappointment as the game was there for us to win.
Otherwise it was not being able to play again after 2002, when I feel I could definitely have had a few more good years before retirement.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
A few at under age level. I played for Hillingdon Irish and on occasions the Brendans when Clarets were not running a team at my age level.

Where are you now?
I live in Twickenham.

What are you doing?
I am the MD of a business that distributes first aid and medical supplies and spend the rest of my time running around after my three little girls.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Just the occasional outing to watch the odd Clarets game. Although I have to admit I enjoy being a spectator even less than I enjoyed running round that bloody field at Kingshill Avenue in the dark every Tuesday and Thursday. Not that you would know because as Murphy and Colm would agree, I never liked to moan about it.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I still see some of the lads like Martin Hession, John Kelly, Murphy and the Lynotts at the odd christening or wedding.
I am also still in contact with Steve (Superstar) Finnegan as well, who is still dining out on stories of his glory days with the Clarets.

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Barry Wallace

 Barry Wallace St Clarets GFC

One of the many young players to come up through the club's youth ranks in the 1980s and 1990s, Barry Wallace, along with his brother Dermot, were two of the mainstays of the senior team for several years, with both of them winning an Intermediate Championship with St Clarets in 1999.

Barry provided the attacking dimension to the family football factory and until injury cut his career short, he was a popular and regular member of the senior team.

When did you join St Clarets?
Around 1980 I think when I signed up for the new intake at under-12 alongside the likes of Gerry Lynott, Colin Keane and Sean Delaney.

When did you leave?
It was in 2001 when I last togged out for the senior team and my playing days came to an abrupt and painful end.

Reasons for leaving?
Knee injury. I was playing in the forwards at Ruislip on a warm Saturday evening and as I recall took the ball into hand, with back to goal and set off towards the clubhouse end using my glacial pace. About to pull the trigger on what surely would have been another contender for wide of the season, I hit the deck as if taken out by the proverbial sniper's bullet. The cruciate ligament had gone "twang" and that was pretty much it for my Clarets playing days. On the upside, the clubhouse balcony became a safer place for spectators after that!

Fondest memory?
Of course there are many. Who can forget Jim Regan7apos;s bag of exotic fruits, or the legendary kit combos of the 90's, with body-paint jerseys, french knicker style shorts and the socks of many colours. Then there were the characters, both on the pitch and on the sidelines. The Clarets have always had a Crazy Gang reputation and the antics from the underage years will always stay with me. Tours of Ireland, tours of the north and south Circulars usually in the back of one works van or another, picking up anyone we recognised off the street of Hayes, lads who thought they had just popped out to the corner shop and returned home eight hours later to frantic parents with tales of hard fought victory. I'm sure these days things are far more organised but it could not possibly be more fun!

Best player you played with?
Rather than single out one individual, I have gone for the spine of a match winning team, and one which hopefully reflects the ethos of the club's founding fathers, a core of London born lads who all came up through the under age ranks before graduating to become regulars at senior level. Those are:Paul Myers in goal, Dermot Wallace at full back, Kevin Gilmartin in midfield and Gerry Lynott at forward. With those four playing at the top of their game, any opposition would be in for a hell of a game.

Biggest disappointment?
I suppose, having to hang up the boots before Anne Marie and my two boys, Niall (5) and Dillon (2) could see me in action. Mind you it does mean I can stretch the truth of my prowess in and around the square without fear of contradiction!

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Myself and Colin Keane had a couple of run outs for one of the clubs in Auckland, New Zealand during our travels Down Under. I think Keano got injured (again!) and so we never really got going down there.

Where are you now?
Working in Paddington and living in West Drayton.

What are you doing?
I work for Marks and Spencer, looking after international freight operations.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
I still try and support the Clarets whenever I can, especially if the weather is fine and we can get the boys out for a run at Ruislip or Greenford. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they are old enough to try out for themselves and sample the Clarets' fruit. We also keep in touch through the great social events, Christmas parties, golf day etc.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Too many to name but as anyone who has ever had the good fortune to tog out for the Clarets would already know: "You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave..."

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Kieran Kelly

 Kieran Kelly St Clarets GFC

Galway man Kieran comes from real St Clarets stock with his brothers John and Matt both playing for the club for many years, while his nephew Luke is now a regular starter on the senior team.

Kieran's own association with the club lasted two full seasons back in the early nineties, but he is kept well abreast of what%apos;s going on in St Clarets by virtue of the fact that brother John is of course now club chairman.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined way back in early 1993.

When did you leave?
I played a couple of years and left in September 1994.

Reasons for leaving?
I had to return to college in September 1994.

What is your fondest memory of your time with St Clarets?
I don't think I have a fondest memory. We didn't win that many games that year but we did have great craic. I met up with a lot of lads which I ended up socialising with. Myself and Gerry Daly shared a house for a year. That was good craic especially the games up in Neasden as we usually stayed there for the night life.

Best player you played with?
It's hard to say who the best player I played with was. I remember Rolly played one game when we were short of numbers, he was handy. I should say my brother John, or Martin Hession or one of the Lynotts (who I always bumping into when Galway play Mayo).

What is your biggest disappointment in football?
I don't have any big disappointments. I enjoyed my time with St. Clarets, met some good lads and had some great times.

What are you doing now?
I'm living in Kells, married with two kids. Unfortunately I'm between jobs at the moment as they say.

Do you have any GAA involvement now?
Due to injury I don't play anymore. I'm waiting until my son and daughter are old enough before I get involved with any clubs in Kells.

What past or present players from St Clarets are you still in contact with?
I'm still in contact with my brothers of course, apart from that not many of the other lads, although I have bumped into a few of them over here since. I met a few in the Botwell last April at the social which was a great night.
It's great to see that the club has gone from strength to strength and that the underage is thriving and long may it continue.
I'm hoping to get over again soon and might catch a game next time.

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John Bradley

 John Bradley St Clarets GFC

Donegal man John Bradley was a real solid citizen of St Clarets throughout the 1990s, not just as a member of the senior squad but also as a very committed club man.

Never the most regular of starters throughout his time with the club, his commitment and dedication never wavered and he was a shining example of exactly what a great club man is.

John is a regular figure in the ground whenever Donegal are in action.

When did you join St Clarets?
I believe it was in 1992. It was, in fact, largely by accident. I originally intended to train with St. Brendans club, but as both clubs trained in the one area, I somehow confused one with the other and ended up staying with St. Clarets.

When did you leave?
I left the club in 1997.

Reasons for leaving?
After my son was born, we decided to move back to our home county of Donegal.

Best player you played with?
I didn't start very often, but whenever I was lucky enough to play, Martin Hession always stood out on the pitch.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?

Where are you now?
Living back home in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

What are you doing?

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Unfortunately not, however I am still an avid supporter of (the current All Ireland Champions) Donegal.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
None, since the sad passing of Tony McLoughlin (Spinner).

John can be contacted via email on

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Colm McGurk

 Colm McGurk St Clarets GFC

The McGurk brothers, Colm and Paddy arrived in London in 1989 and helped St Clarets conquer the Intermediate grade for the first time, before they quietly slipped away again back to their native Lavey in County Derry.

There, they went on to win an All Ireland club title a couple of years later.

In total three of the brothers played for St Clarets that year, with Kieran also joining in for a brief cameo. Their contribution will always be remembered by everyone involved in the success of 1989.

Colm's memory of his involvement with the club is the stuff of GAA legend, but then again it would be, he's a McGurk from Lavey, a legendary family.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined St Clarets for the 1989 season along with my brother Paddy, who was doing teacher practice in a school with Gilly (Kevin Gilmartin). I Was working on my part1 RIBA for an architectural practice in Kew Gardens for the year.

When did you leave the club?
I left in September '89 after the final was played to go back to university.

What is your fondest memory of your time with St Clarets?
The reason behind my association with the clubs lies in the fact that I had been suspended at home for six months in June 1989 for pushing the referee in a club championship match. Therefore, myself and my brother Paddy threw our lot in with St Clarets and played under the alias of the McDermott brothers. A man called Eugene McDermott from Trillick, Co Tyrone lived with us and he kept newspaper cuttings of all the match reports and pinned them to the kitchen wall, as well as sending the reports home to his mum telling her of "his Claret's excellence". Paddy McDermott was Eugene's fictional brother.

Who is the best player you played with?
At St Clarets it would have to be Martin Hession, while Anthony Tohill was the best player I played with in Derry.

What is your biggest disappointment in football?
Not making the Derry starting 15 that won the All-Ireland in 1993.

What other clubs have you been involved with?
Only my home club Lavey, whom I fished playing with in 2006 after turning 40.

What are you doing now?
I am married to Sinead and have three girls, Orla, Aoife and Medb and one boy John. I run my own Architects business in Magherafelt and pick up an odd commission in London now and again.

Do you have any GAA involvement now?
I coach the U‐8 football team in Lavey as well as the club's U‐12 and U‐14 camogie teams. I also coach the U‐14 ladies football in Magherafelt where I live. For the past three years I have also been an assistant coach for the Magherafelt Minor and U‐21 football teams in Magherafelt.

What past or present players from St Clarets are you still in contact with?
This is my first contact but I would like to develop personal and potential business links with my Architects Hopefully too there'll be a 25 year reunion of the 1989 side.

My brother Paddy and I were we'll looked after by Dennis McCarthy and regret to hear of his passing. We will always cherish the friendship and memories we had in Hayes with the club.

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Dan Sheehan

 Dan Sheehan St Clarets GFC

Proud Kerryman Dan Sheehan played an integral part in the club's success in the early part of the century, especially in winning the Tipperary Cup and the Intermediate Championship.

Like all good men from the Kingdom, Sheehan possessed superb skills and a cute football brain.

As you'll see from some of his answers, he was also blessed with a sense of humour!

When did you join St Clarets?

When did you leave?
My last game was approx 5 or 6 years ago.

Reasons for leaving?
I could lie, but there are a number of present players that would like to give their own opinions!! ‐ but my excuse was old age and being plagued by injuries. But if I was to narrow it down, then it would probably be irreconcilable differences on team tactics that involved my phobia of running and perceived physical condition (or lack there of)!!

Fondest memory?
1. Martin Falvey convincing Brendan Sherry that we were two of the finest players to emerge from the Kingdom, and that we should be recruited immediately or lose us. Then during our first game, Falvey and myself were to be found on the flat our backs after approx 20mins, gasping for oxygen, and the both of us "discussing" what we thoughts were going through Brendan's and John's mind as they stared open mouthed and expressionless at us !! They were kind enough not say anything after the game!!
2. Paddy Lynott, Colm Lynott, Gerry Lynott trying to convince the refs at every game that they did not verbally abuse anyone!!
3. The Craic! A great club, with great individuals that will look after you, support and abuse you every step of the way!

Best player you played with?
For the Clarets:
Marty Hughes and Paul Myers
John Paul Curran, Maurice Fitzgerald, Pat O'Connor. Seamus 'Baff' O'Connor, Brendy Murphy and of course Barry Lynch!!

Biggest disappointment?
Due to injury, not being able to play longer and better than I did! They just laugh now when I say I could run and play ball.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Valentia 'Young Islanders' and Kerry (New York). I also played some college and county football.

Where are you now?
Living in High Wycombe, married to Geeta Sheehan, with two children ‐ Liam and Jaya.

What are you doing?
Plant and Transport Manager for Balfour Beatty, supporting the operation teams in renewing and maintaining LU rail infrastructure, based at Ruislip.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Not really, only on the occasional post match event, but there are adventurous plans to make one final comeback this year!

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I stay in contact with most of the players that I played with, but due to work and family commitments its not quite as often as I would wish!

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Mickey McConomy

 Mickey McConomy St Clarets GFC

Undoubtedly one of the most talented forwards ever to play for St Clarets, Tyrone man Mickey McConomy terrorised defences in London for four seasons as St Clarets emerged as one of the strongest senior sides in London at the turn of the century.

A regular on the London senior team for several years too, Mickey earned many admirers during his time with the club.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined St Clarets in the spring of 1999. I'd arrived in London looking for a job. My cousin Tony Spinner McLaughlin RIP lined me up with a job with Mick Ronan as an electrician and he was involved with the St Clarets.
There were four of us over at the time from our home club ‐ my two cousins Martin McConomy and Kevin McLaughlin and a team mate of ours Damien Patton. Martin, Kevin and myself played in the semi‐final and final of the IFC that year. We beat Moinderg in the final. They were the favourites for the final but they came up against a good Clarets team.

When did you leave?
I left London in September 2002.

Reasons for leaving?
I had been married in May of that year to my then girlfriend of 10 years Sinead, and we decided we would live at home. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make as I had made so many good friends and to leave the Clarets family was hard. When you played for the Clarets everyone associated with them looked out for you. Once you wore the green and white you were appreciated. I hope I showed them the same respect and appreciation when I played for them and if I ever let them down in any way it was never my intention. I always tried my best.

Fondest memory?
My fondest memory would have to be walking around behind the band in our first ever Senior Championship Final along with all my team mates.

Best player you played with?
It's hard to say who the best player I played with was because all the Clarets players were good players. Every player had their own special attributes. It was a combination of these that made us such a good team.
Dermot Wallace was strong as a bull and very quick over the first 10 yards as I found out the hard way on my first night at training when he nailed me first ball, much to the enjoyment of Tony Murphy and the boys.
There was Alec MacIndoe, Martin Hession, Gerry Lynott, Paul Myers, Steve Sherry Declan McGeeney and Erik Kinlon who were all good players too. We had a wealth of talent, but sticking my neck out I would say the best players were Colm Lynott and Tony Murphy. I also thought of these two lads as my best friends.

Biggest disappointment?
There were three big disappointments for me in London.
Firstly, leaving London to move back home leaving behind good friends and good memories.
Secondly, is missing a free kick with the last kick of the game in the Senior Championship game against the Brendans in 2001. If I'd scored it would have got us a replay which I believe we would have won. I still think about it.
Thirdly, and the major disappointment, was getting beat in the 2002 Senior Final, again the Brendans denied us.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
During my time in London I only played for St Clarets. It was them who welcomed me into their club so I would never have played with anyone else.

Where are you now?
I'm back home now living in Tyrone in my home town. I'm married 10 years to Sinead and we have three children, two girls aged 2 and 7 and a boy aged 9.

What are you doing?
At the minute I am working as a bus driver and have been for 10 years. I packed in the sparky work but still do the odd job.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
I am still involved with my local Gaelic club Newtownstewart. I used to help manage the U8 and U10 teams and played for our Senior team up until last year. I was part of our Senior team that won the Junior Championship in 2009, but age catches up with us all and 20 years of training two nights a week and a match on a Sunday has taken its toll. The desire has gone ‐ I won't be buying a new pair of boots in the near future that's all I can say.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
I still would give Murph and Colm Lynott a ring the odd time to reminisce about the good old days. I also keep in contact with Stevie Lynch another good friend of mine from London who played for the Tara.

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Brian Tansey

 Brian Tansey St Clarets GFC

A star of two Championship finals in the late nineties and early noughties, Mayo man Brian Tansey displayed all the DNA associated with the Lynott clan during his four seasons with the club.

Always a reliable performer, the club made good use of his versatility when he took over the goalkeeping duties in the absence of Paul Myers in 2002, when the team reached their only senior county final.

Not a bad effort at all from Brian.

When did you join St Clarets?
Summer of 1999.

When did you leave?
My last match for the Clarets was the Senior County Final of 2002.

Reasons for leaving?
Moved back to Ireland after the summer in '02 permanently.

Fondest memory?
It has to be the Intermediate Championship Final win in 1999. It was my first season with the club and it could not have ended any better.

Best player you played with?
There are many. I could use the family card and say Gerry or Colm Lynott who were my cousins. Both were excellent players and so committed to the club. There was also Martin Hession and Tony Murphy who provided excellent presence and quality down the spine of the team.
Paul Myers in goal was one of the best keepers I have ever played with, in any code. However, for pure ability, it had to be Mickey McConomy. He had incredible pace and skill on the ball and eye for goal. I never liked passing to him though as you'd never get it back!!

Biggest disappointment?
The 2002 Senior Championship final loss, without a doubt. In hindsight, getting to the actually final and beating the teams we did along the way was a massive achievement in itself as we were far from being one of the main favourites for the Championship when the draw took place. Coupled with the fact that we had Paul Myers out for the season due to illness, our already thin squad was even thinner and I was landed with the goalkeepers jersey!
But in the final, we had a pretty commanding 5‐point lead with over three quarters of the game gone. We had a big chance to make that at least 6, if not 8 points at one stage but in a matter of a few seconds the ball was in the back our net and we were only 2 points ahead and the momentum swung in their favour. A few minutes later, the game got away from us completely and the rest is history.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
Ballaghaderreen GAA club is my local club and I played with them for a total of 21 years from underage level to Senior.

Where are you now?
Currently working and living in Dublin.

What are you doing?
At present, I am sacrificing some work time to answer these questions! I work as a Financial Systems Consultant for Linedata.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Not in any capacity outside of being a spectator. I retired from GAA in 2009 with injuries. I would still love to be playing. I will probably look to getting more active in a local club later down the line.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Obviously my cousins, the brothers Lynott, Kevin, Colm, Gerry and Patrick are still on my radar. Also, Martin Falvey, an honorary Lynott himself. Outside of that, I have met a few past players on infrequent trips to London.

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Joe McKeown

 Joe McKeown St Clarets GFC

Despite only being with the club for one year, Limerick man Joe McKeown picked one fantastic year to play for St Clarets.

While on a placement year from college, Joe was an important component on the St Clarets team that reached the club's only ever Senior Championship Final.

Joe now lives in Sydney, Australia.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined St Clarets in 2002 thanks to Steven Sherry's father, who insisted I come and train with the team.

When did you leave?
Sadly I only got to play the one year due to having to return to university back in Ireland.

Fondest memory?
I think it was against the Round Towers in the quarter final of the Championship that year. We were expected to lose that one and it was the same again in the semi finals. We proved the doubters wrong and made it to the Final.

Best player you played with?
We had some fantastic players like Mickey McConomy, Erik Kinlon and Declan McGeeney, but the stand out for me with effort determination and commitment would have to be Colm Lynott.

Biggest disappointment?
Not making it all the way in 2002. Also not getting the chance to come back and play again after that Championship year.

Where you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I played most of my GAA years with Pallaskenry in both hurling and football down in Limerick.

Where are you now?
I have been living in Sydney, Australia now since 2006. I'm now married to an Australian girl.

What are you doing?
I work for the Company UNILEVER as a distributor manager. We deal in things like Coleman's mustard, Lynx, Knorr and Wall's Ice Cream back home.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Sadly I never had the chance to play in Australia due to work commitments. Although I do like to catch the odd game on a Sunday when possible.

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Paddy Quinn

 Paddy Quinn St Clarets GFC

One of the outstanding talents of the club's glory days throughout the early 2000s, Paddy Quinn led by example both on and off the field.

A regular starter for the London senior team throughout his time in the city, Paddy also captained St Clarets to an Intermediate Championship as well as playing on the team which lifted the club's first ever senior trophy in 2003, when they won the Tipperary Cup.

Now a member of the Dublin senior panel, Paddy continues to deliver excellence in both play and attitude.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined in late 2003 having come across to London to do my accountancy qualifications. Paddy Donaghy would have been the link man being from the same club back home and it wasn't long before I met up with the gentleman that is Brendan Sherry!

When did you leave?
I went back to Derrylaughan at the beginning of 2006.

Reasons for leaving?
I had heard enough of Murph's half time team talks! Ah no, had finished my qualifications in London and it was always the plan to move back home after a few years.

Fondest memory?
I have some brilliant memories with an absolutely great bunch of lads. My fondest memory would have been captaining the team when we won the London Intermediate Championship on a very wet day in Ruislip. I also remember some great league victories over the likes of Tir Conaill Gaels and Kingdom Kerry Gaels when they were highly fancied. Playing ball on the hot summer days in London was hard to beat!

Best player you played with?
In St. Clarets there were some fantastic players ‐ Marty Hughes was probably the most talented (once you got him off the high stool!) and Martin Hession, Tony Murphy and Steve Sherry were great leaders on and off the pitch. Outside of St Clarets, I've been lucky enough to play alongside the likes of Kieran McGeeney, Sean Cavanagh, Bernard Brogan, and Paul Flynn. Diarmuid Connolly would probably pip them all for raw talent!

Biggest disappointment?
Would have to be losing the British Championship game against St Peter's of Manchester with practically the last kick from a penalty. How we lost it after extra‐time I'll never know ‐ although it didn't stop us from having a good sing-song on the bus on the way home!

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I've been involved with GAA clubs wherever I've gone and that's the beauty of the association in my view. It is really all one big family and you're made to feel at home no matter where you go. St Clarets were the prime example of that for me. My home club is Derrylaughan in Tyrone and I have also played with Tyrone in Philadelphia, Armagh Notre Dame in Boston, Penrith Gaels in Sydney and now in Dublin with Na Fianna.

Where are you now?
I am living in Glasnevin, Dublin and have been in the city for almost 5 years now.

What are you doing?
Currently looking out at snow falling down in minus 2 degree temperatures and thinking of giving Penrith Gaels another call!! But I should really get back to my job as Finance Manager for Walkers Global, a law firm in Dublin city centre.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Yes, this will be my 5th year playing with Na Fianna in Dublin and it has been a privilege to captain them for the past 3 years. We won the league title here last year and with the exceptional youth coming through the club, we'll be disappointed if we don't win championships here very soon! I am also playing for Dublin at the moment and looking forward to a great 2013!

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
My good friends James Quinn, Marty Hughes and Shane McCann are all ex-players with the club and I would be in touch with these lads regularly. Married life might have calmed Marty and Shane down a little! I know Paddy and Aidan Donaghy very well from home and try to stay in touch with other lads through social media as best I can.

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Brendan Walsh

 Brendan Walsh St Clarets GFC

Mayo man Brendan Walsh was one of the stars on the St Clarets side which reached the Intermediate Championship Final in 1982, the club's first appearance on such a stage.

He let the club in 1984 and now lives in his native Kilmaine along with his wife Ann, whom he married in 1985. They have four children; Donna, 26, who teaches in Harlow in North East London, Aron, 24, who lives in Galway, Niall, 20, who is studying in college in Waterford and Orna, 13, who attends secondary school in Ballinrobe and who has a very keen interest in all GAA sports.

When did you join St.Clarets?
I joined the club in 1980 after moving to London from Mayo.

When did you leave?
I went back home in 1984 to work and get married in 1985.

Fondest memory of your time with St Clarets?
The best memory I have of the club strangely enough was off the field. Dennis McCarthy Sr and Brendan Curran offered me the takings from the door of a function that was held in Hayes after the Intermediate County Final in 1982, where I had received a serious injury. This offer I declined, but I never forget the gesture.

Best player you played with?
It's a tie between Dennis McCarthy Jr and Kevin Gilmartin.

Biggest disappointment?
Losing the intermediate county final in 1982.

Are you involved with any other GAA clubs?
On returning in 1984 I got involved with Kilmaine GAA where I played for 5 years and became chairman in 1989 and president in 1992.

Where are you now?
I am now living outside the village of Kilmaine, where I have lived for the last 28 years with my wife and four children, though only Orna is still at home.

What are you doing?
I am a self employed carpenter working in the Connaught region.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
I still maintain a small interest in Kilmaine where my younger brother Ollie is now manager. I also support Hollymount Ladies GAA where my youngest daughter Orna plays U13,U14 and U16.

What other players are you still in contact with?
Occasionally I see Mark Mellet when he's visiting his parents in Kilmaine and of course my brother Ollie who lives across the road from me.

I was very sorry to hear the deaths of Dennis McCarthy Sr, Malli Curran and Seamus Curran in recent times.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your alumni.

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Gerry Daly

 Gerry Daly St Clarets GFC

One of the real stalwarts of the club throughout the 1990s, Cork man Gerry Daly earned a reputation for his commitment to the cause and his tenacity on the field.
Deservedly part of the team to lift the club's first ever Senior trophy in 2003, he also won an Intermediate Championship in 1999 and also appeared in a Senior County Final in 2002.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined in January 1994 having arrived in London to work with Nestle in Hayes. I'd heard about a GAA club called St Clarets that were having their AGM in the Botwell. I turned up at the Botwell and was met straight away by the late Denis McCarthy who made me very welcome, as did all the club members and they say the rest is history............. I was given a few pints and before I knew anymore I'd signed a 10 year contract!!

When did you leave?
I left at the end of the 2003 season having honoured my contract!! My last game was as a substitute in the Tipperary Cup Final, which we managed to win... a great way to bow out. I threw the boots in the Richmond Sausages sponsored gear bag and that's where they remain in the garage to this day....I've never worn the boots again!!

Reasons for leaving?
At the end of 2003 I left the London area and moved to Yorkshire with (Nestle) work. I was 35 back then and our first baby was born that same year and 6 days before he was born, I broke a bone in my hand playing for the Clarets against Garryowen (not good timing!!).................but winning the Tipperary Cup was the main reason ............I always wanted to win that competition in my playing career!!...There was nothing else to achieve after that!!

Fondest memory?
On the playing field it was winning the Intermediate Championship in 1999, but there was also a Sunday afternoon, somewhere near Neasden, when the late Denis McCarthy and Roly were in the starting 15!!!. ....and we still won. Off the field there were great times !!. .....The Clarets have a core of tremendous people that I had the privilege to meet and shared many a happy time during my stay in London.

Best player you played with?
I played most of the time in defence and was lucky to call on the likes of John Kelly and Dermot Wallace to help me out, but the player who bailed us out more than once was Paul Myers our long serving goalkeeper!. He rarely trained, would play two soccer matches on Saturday and Sunday and then play Gaelic Football on a Sunday afternoon and still continues to this day!!

Biggest disappointment?
Losing the 2002 final, that team were the best team that I played with in my 10 years and it maybe a while before the Clarets have a team as good. I still think to this day that our preparation was not as good as it should have been.........this was always the biggest frustration with the Clarets , not getting commitment at training. We were the better team for 50 mins but could not last it out!!

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I've only been involved with two clubs. My home club in Ireland (Clann Na Gael) in South West Cork and the Clarets.

Where are you now?
I live outside York in a town called Pocklington.

What are you doing?
I work for Arla foods (Dairy Food Company) based outside Leeds, my eldest plays with the local U10 football team..........that keeps me busy on a Sunday morning!

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
No, once I left St Clarets that was it! Unfortunately there are no GAA teams locally but I still keep watch the fortunes of Cork and the other county teams through premier sports!

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Last year John and Teresa Kelly invited us to their daughter's Shauna's confirmation party and we met up with many of the current and past players. As usual we had another great night the field!!

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Alec MacIndoe

 Alec MacIndoe St Clarets GFC

Outside of St Clarets, Alec MacIndoe was known as the guy who always wore the No. 16 jersey, while inside the club, he was known as an exceptionally talented and organised centre half back.

Kerryman MacIndoe was an important part of probably the most successful St Clarets teams ever, and helped the club to the Senior Championship Final in 2002.

When did you join St Clarets?
I can't remember when Steve Sherry roped me in, but I would guess it was about '96/97.

When did you leave?
My last ever game for Clarets was not a planned one!! I left in 2006.

Reasons for leaving?
I had actually just moved to Newbury for work, although the plan was to carry on travelling and playing as long as I could. However, during a league match in Greenford I got hit with a bad tackle and ripped my rotator cuff muscle in my shoulder. Worst injury I ever had and not how I had expected to end my St Clarets playing days!

Fondest memory?
Lots of memories but obviously playing in the 2002 county final against St Brendans has to be top.

Best player you played with?
Without a doubt Tony Murphy. Consistently good every week, determined and fit!! Mickey McConomy was the best match winner, but was a greedy so and so!

Biggest disappointment?
Losing the 2002 final! I think we were actually beaten by better tactics that day. We played our best football coming out from the half back line and tended to overload teams. However Brendans dropped all their best forward players deep which drew our backs out and left lots of gaps. I was a gutted as it was definitely the best group of players I had played with.

Where you involved with any other GAA clubs?
I used to play for Legion in Killarney until I moved to London. I won a number of underage county finals and played in a few practice matches for Kerry minors.

Where are you now?
I the lovely town of Newbury in Berkshire.

What are you doing?
I'm a golf course manager at Newbury & Crookham golf club.

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
Unfortunately I don't but I have been coaching the local under 14 soccer team for a number of years which I really enjoy.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
Until Erik moved to Australia I would see him far too often (he was living a mile away) and so many pints were fairly frequent as well as the reminiscing chats!!! I also saw Steven Sherry last year for my daughter's communion which was lovely.

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Danny Murphy

 Danny Murphy St Clarets GFC

South African based Danny Murphy was a member of one of the first groups of underage St Clarets players to blaze a trail through the youth competitions in London in the early 1980s.

Despite the fact that Danny’s life took him to South Africa within a few years of first joining the club, he still holds fond memories of his time with the club and the success that his team enjoyed.

When did you join St Clarets?
Around about 1980, when I joined one of the under-age teams.

When did you leave?
I left about two years later but was always in and around the club as had family and friends there.

Reasons for leaving?
I had football commitments but ultimately left for South Africa in 1983, came back in 1987 and ended up returning to SA a few years later, got married soon after. I’m now divorced with two boys who are both into their football and rugby.

Fondest memory?
Obviously winning all three available cups in my first season at St Clarets and being top scorer that year :)

Best player you played with?
I would say both Eamon McElhinney and Colm Lynott for sure!!

Biggest disappointment?
Not continuing playing Gaelic football. I had too much going on in my life with soccer and other sports.

Were you involved with any other GAA clubs?

Where are you now?
South Africa,

Do you still have an involvement with any GAA clubs?
No. Recently I have managed to contact St Clarets and it’s great finding out what is happening. There’s no Gaelic football over here in South Africa.

What other past / present players are you still in contact with?
None at all, wouldn’t know how to get hold of any of them other than through the website.

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Brendan Boyle

 Brendan Boyle St Clarets GFC

Championship winning defender Brendan Boyle is amazingly still turning out for his club Erin’s Isle in Dublin, at the relatively ripe old age of 44.

A former London Minor, Brendan made his debut in adult football in 1985 and now, in his fourth decade of playing senior club football, he is still going strong, testimony to his love for the game.

Having arrived with St Clarets in 1988 from local rivals St Brendans, Brendan went on to play for two other clubs in London before heading west to Dublin.

When did you join St Clarets?
I joined St Clarets around 1988 after playing my formative years with St Brendans and timed it just right as the team was improving and was really successful playing a wonderful pass and move style which was great to watch and play in.

When did you leave the club?
I left the season after the championship win. Basically I felt a bit unloved and couldn't really enjoy my football. I was very young and Harlesden Harps were asking me to join them, so I took a step down to join them.

What is your fondest memory of your time with St Clarets?
My fondest memory was probably a strange one. We went on tour to Tipperary (Cashel) with a squad of largely London born players and played the locals off the park which surprised them immensely! We also won a cup just after the championship win, against St Josephs in a really tight low scoring game which I really enjoyed too.

Who was the best player you played with?
I loved playing with Martin Hession, with Clarets and with London U21’s, such a silky footballer. Everything that i wasn’t!! As i played in defence I also had the pleasure of playing with John Collins and Colm Lynott too, who I played with at under age levels with London. I never saw Colm play a bad game.

What was your biggest disappointment with St Clarets?
My biggest disappointment was getting dropped for the Championship Final in 1989. I had played every game all season and only found out in the dressing room as the team was called out. As a young guy I didn’t take it too well, and it was the main reason I would depart shortly later.

Were you involved in any other GAA clubs?
As mentioned, I left Clarets for Harlesden Harps, where I played for about four seasons before I left for St Josephs. I played in Greenford for about nine seasons during which I represented London Juniors and made a foray into midfield for a few years. I left the UK in 2002 eventually arriving in Dublin where I joined Erin’s Isle in Finglas. At the moment I am captaining the Junior team and loving every minute of it still! I am the oldest player at the club and will continue shouting and organising in my broadest London accent until they wheel me off to the knacker’s yard!

What are you doing now?
I have a new son, my first born last Paddy’s day who I hope to impart some of my love of the game too, fingers crossed.

In all I really enjoyed my time with Clarets and still keep an eye out for them?

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Erik Kinlon

 Erik Kinlon St Clarets GFC

Kildare man Erik Kinlon is without doubt one of the most highly decorated players ever to have played for St Clarets.

While a great deal of his success came with the small ball, this never interfered with his commitment to football with St Clarets after he joined in 2001.

Having won several Senior Championships in hurling with Fr Murphy’s, as well as being on the London team that lifted the inaugural Nicky Rackard Cup in Croke Park, Erik still had enough space on his sideboard to add a London IFC and a Tipperary Cup while playing for St Clarets.

Erik’s last game for St Clarets was around about 2006, although he did continue to hurl in London after that.

He has recently immigrated to Australia but he has left a great impression on St Clarets GFC in London while he was here.

Reasons for leaving the club?
Following many successful years as a duel player I decided due to family commitments that the demands on my time were too much and as hurling is my first love (even being from Kildare) giving up football was the sacrifice I had to make.

What is your fondest memory of your time with St Clarets?
There are many fond memories so to choose one would be difficult. Knowing that my good mate Alec McIndoe as a Rangers blue nose had to wear Celtic colours every time he took to the pitch was always a highlight but I suppose becoming one of the St Clarets family is right up there with winning the Intermediate Championship and reaching the Senior county final in 2002.

Who was the best player you played with?
The best player, again so many to choose from, in contention would be all the Lynotts, Murph, Hession, McIndoe,Sherry, Marty Hughes, Paddy Quinn, Mickey McConomy but I would say one who when he did play was unreal the problem was getting him to turn out, an auld farmer from Roscommon called Declan McGeeney.

What was your biggest disappointment with St Clarets?
Biggest disappointment losing the Senior County Final 2002.

Were you involved in any other GAA clubs?
Having now emigrated to Melbourne Australia and at the ripe old age of 33, I am still plying my trade on the hurling field and have recently joined the Melbourne Shamrocks Hurling Club. My attributes of speed and guile have been altered to cleverness and positioning and I would say it is safe to say there’s a few more years in the old dog yet!!

Who are you still in contact with from your St Clarets days?
Through the wonders of social media, I manage to keep my finger on the St Clarets pulse fairly well and a few of the players past and present although some of the past ones like Murph probably still use carrier pigeon to send messages!!

What are your personal thoughts on your time with St Clarets
I have to admit joining the St Clarets that faithful night on a pub crawl down the Uxbridge Road has been one of the highlights in my sporting career and personal life. Although I would have loved to achieve the same success in football as I did in hurling, I will always cherish the memories of playing for such a great club and as I have called it a family! I wish everyone past and present involved with the St Clarets my best wishes and long live the great Green and White hoops.
I would also say that anyone from the St Clarets who ever finds themselves heading to Melbourne, Australia to get in contact with me and if I can offer any help, advice, assistance, work or accommodation I would be more than happy to help.

Erik can be contacted via email on

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Kevin Lynott

 Kevin Lynott St Clarets GFC

Practically a member of St Clarets royalty, Kevin Lynott was the first member of his family to don the hoops and by doing so, he set in motion a family tradition that has now included his three younger brothers, Colm, Gerry and Patrick, as well as his nephew Colm.

During his long association with the club, Kevin displayed all the traits that have become synonymous with the Lynott name: skill, tenacity, speed, determination and passion.

With a strong Mayo blood line, football was always in his veins and during his time with the club, Kevin’s versatility was always valued.

When did you join St Clarets?
I remember playing from a young age of 9 or 10, so that would have been in the mid-seventies. I actually think I played organised Gaelic football before I played soccer, which is a strange thing to say for a someone born in London.

When did you leave the club?
I went travelling in 1996 and that was basically the end of my active association with St Clarets.

Reasons for leaving the club?
When I went travelling I ended up working in Australia and then in America. I liked it so much in the States that I never went back to London. I’m still here now.

What is your fondest memory of your time with St Clarets?
I loved being able to play the game, particularly at the time with friends, but I think watching St Clarets in the Senior Final in 2002 was special.
I flew home from America the morning of the game because I thought it was amazing to see the team in a London Senior Final, especially for the likes of Denis McCarthy, who founded the club and who was still so actively involved. It was a culmination of all the hard work and dedication of so many people over the years. It was just an honour to be at Ruislip that day, even though we came up short.

Who was the best player you played with?
Probably Tony Murphy, who arrived just before I moved on. Although my two brothers, Colm and Gerry, weren’t too bad either!

What was your biggest disappointment with St Clarets?
Seeing the club lose the Senior Final because I thought half way though the second half that we were going to win it. From a personal perspective, it’s a pity that I never got to play on the same team as my three brothers, Colm, Gerry, and Patrick. I think the four of us on the same team would have been unique and would have been extra special for my Mum and Dad.

Were you involved in any other GAA clubs?
I played in Brisbane Australia for Sarsfield GAA club along with Colin Keane in 1996, which was probably the most enjoyable time I had playing Gaelic football. Even I looked like a half decent player compared to some of the Australians!!

Where are you now?
I’m living in Jersey City just outside New York.

What are you doing now?
I’m teaching in an American High School and coaching soccer, although some of my classes have been taught Gaelic football, which is always quite funny to watch. I dread to think what will happen if I ever try hurling with them.
Also, I have just became a new father- Conlon is 3 months old- future New York GAA star!!!

Do you still have any involvement in the GAA?
No, not any more. I go up to Gaelic Park each year for the first round of the Connaught Championship. It’s always good craic when Mayo are over.

Who are you still in contact with from your St Clarets days?
Richard Tricky Burke lives about three hours north of me. He’s married with two kids and I get to see him a few times a year, always around St Patrick’s Day. It’s good to have someone from home so close by. Apart from him, and my family of course, that’s about it.

Kevin can be contacted via email on or on facebook

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